Friday, January 8, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #28 - Answer

Oh, 'Out Of This World'.... How I miss you.... I wanted nothing more as a child than to put my index fingers together and stop time.

The show was about the life of young Evie Garland, played by Maureen Flannigan.... But she was no ordinary girl.... She was born to Donna Garland, played by Donna Pescow (who later starred as Shia LeBeouf's mother in Even Stevens), and Troy Garland.....

On her thirteenth birthday, Evie finds out that her father is an alien living on the planet Anterias. Her father is rarely seen, but he is able to communicate with his Evie through a crystal cube. As an added benefit from being half alien, Evie learns she can pause and un-pause time in the first episode, and later in the series Evie learns she can "gleep" objects into existence, transport herself from one place to another, and withstand up to 2,000 degree heat....

Did you know that Burt Reynolds provided the voice for Evie's father?

Ok.... Now I'm out.... I just watched an episode of the show, the first episode of the show I've seen since I was 12 years old, and it does not translate well in 2010.... I need a palate cleanser.... Time for some 'Trapped In The Closet'!


  1. omg this is shocking to see! This reminds me of "Small Wonder" I loved both of these shows, sadly oooh and "Double Trouble"

  2. LMAO... Did you see my scrawny tiny little Steve Burton in the credits?? Too funny.

  3. I was a different strokes girl but watched it again a few days ago and I so wish I still had my twelve year old mind!

  4. I wanted to use the Different Strokes theme.... But the name of the show is in the song 17 times! Small Wonder is the same way....

    And yes.... We all saw Jason Morgan....


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