Friday, January 29, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #30 - Answer

Over seven seasons and 168 episodes, the protagonist of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', Mary Richards, played by Mary Tyler Moore, showed the world that it was okay to be over 30, female and single. Mary moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a fresh start after ending her relationship with her fiance, and applying for a job at WJM-TV....

Cantankerous news director Lou Grant, played by Ed Asner, gives her the job of producer of the 'Six O'Clock News', and Mary's cute quirkiness shines on from there.... Throughout the show's run, Mary develops wonderful relationships with her neighbors and co-workers, played by notables Cloris Leachman, Betty White, Georgia Engel, Ted Knight, Valerie Harper and Gavin MacLeod.

Did you know that 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', has won a total of 29 Emmy Awards! Three of them being 'Outstanding Lead or Supporting Actress or Actor In A Comedy' awards won by Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner and Valerie Harper won three Emmy's each for lead and supporting actor and actress roles! The record of 29 Emmy Awards, held by 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' for 25 years, was broken by 'Frasier' in 2002. 'Frasier' went on to win a total of 37 Emmy Awards!

I'm not sure I agree with 'Entertainment Weekly', but they list Mary Tyler Moore's throwing her hat up in the air in the show's introduction as #2 on their list of '100 Greatest Moments on Television'..... The #1 selection on their list was the assassination and funeral of John F. Kennedy. Mary tossing her hat in the air beat out:
  • #9 - The Beatles first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show',
  • #17 - Edward R. Murrow interviews Sen. Joseph McCarthy,
  • #36 - The Challenger explosion,
  • #51 - The Dick Van Dyke Show - The first ottoman pratfall
  • #71 - Bill Clinton playing saxophone on the 'Arsenio Hall Show', and
  • #91 - The premiere of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
The list was made in 1999, however, I still think it might need some alterations.....


  1. It seems it needs some alterations... maybe that's because I haven't heard of half of them!! ;0)

  2. Hey ASBLACK, I nominated your for an award! Check it out when you get a chance:

  3. Does is bother you yet that your user name is As Black as Obama? And that people shorten it to AsBlack (AFLAC!)?

    Cause it should, dearest brother...

  4. I was thinking "as black as OBRIEN" would be far more appropriate. ;)

    That would be Conan, of course...

  5. LMAO Colleen.

    To be fair, he probably is SLIGHTLY darker than Conan...

  6. Don't hate! I didn't choose this life! I was born into it!


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