Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chuckles And The Chin - Team Conan or Team Leno?

Are you on Team Conan or Team Leno?

Either way, both team wins.... Conan gets $32.5 million to stay at home and Jay Leno gets 'The Tonight Show' back.... I still think they should make up and create the buddy cop show 'Chuckles and The Chin'. They don't need to star in it, just use a large CGI chin with a mouth and a CGI ginger hairdo with a mouth.... They could fight crime and wisecrack all day long.... Come on, if we can make 'Avatar', we can definitely make 'Chuckles and The Chin'!

The real losers are Conan's staff. All of the staff that had moved from New York to California with their families to work on 'The Tonight Show'.... They're getting a severance package, but now they're all unemployed in a horrible job market....

Oh, and NBC loses too.... Now they don't have Conan O'Brien and they're out $40 million.... That's one expensive mistake....


  1. I think Jay Leno is a whining weasel. Waaa, I decided 6 years ago that I'd be done my show now and now I changed my miiiiinnd. Too effing bad, you whiner. GOD. Conan didn't even get a chance. Jay needs to step aside and go play with his cars or something. :P

  2. Don't really care for either. But Jay's a prick, and most comedians hate him for selling out as much as he did. He basically put himself in a win-win situation. Go to 10p, run the shows, go back to the Tonight Show and get Conan to leave NBC altogether so he wouldn't have to hand the show over.

    Douchebag of the week for sure.

  3. I don't know if he's a sell out.... He's one of the hardest working comedians in show business.... He even did stand up on the road when he was on break from the 'Tonight Show'....

    I think he sold Conan out.... I love how Jimmy Kimmel (possibly the funniest late night show host now) destroyed Jay Leno during Jay's Ten at Ten bit.... If you haven't seen it, go see it here....


  4. Jay sold out because he basically in essence stole the Tonight Show from Letterman. From there, some of the classic things about the Tonight Show like guest hosts were thrown down the toilet. He has zero respect for other comedians in the business and walks all over anyone and everyone while stealing bits and the like.

    Not to mention the fact that he didn't care about having the Tonight Show to begin with. He just wanted a late night program to run with. It wasn't until the Hugh Grant interview until he made any ratings at all.

    He was an excellent stand up but those days are long gone.

  5. I prefer Conan. I think he is a better comedy writer and I think he reaches a younger audience. Letterman, to me, is still the king of late night.
    Leno gets on my nerves and his obsession with buying vintage/hard to find cars is a ridiculous waste of money to me. It would be awesome if he spent that time and money on being more humanadocious.

  6. I think Conan is hilarious and didn't get a fair shot at the Tonight Show. Jimmy Kimmel though is the future of late night! Jay is an ass. He whined that he didn't want to do the Tonight Show forever then whined when NBC went to replace him. And now he has whined enough to take Conan's ability to outshine his ass.

    Jay stole the Tonight Show from David Letterman. He has been accused of stealing bits/jokes from other comedians. Howard Stern has long talked about how Jay stole many of the bits he did and renamed them to make them his like "Jay Walking". Jay stole Stuttering John Melendez from Howard without telling Howard they were offering him a job.

  7. I am Team Switzerland. I do not watch late night TV most of the time. If I had to choose I would pick Conan. His humor appeals to me more than Jay's does.

  8. OMG that 10 at 10 shit was hilaaaarious... Damn straight. Gotta love Jimmy Kimmel.

  9. I have hated Jay Leno since he first took over the Tonight Show and I saw him make fun of a fifth grade boy who was there with his science experiment. Sorry, Jay, that's just not my idea of humor! I love Conan O'Brien, but I always watch nightline and then Jimmy Kimmel. So apparently I love Jimmy Kimmel more than Conan. For the record, I haven't seen Jay Leno's show at 10pm even once, nor Conan on the Tonight Show.

  10. I haven't watched a late night show in awhile but I like Jay and Conan (just talking about their ability as comedians.) In the long run I would pick Conan.

    I would totally watch Chuckles and The Chin, you should pitch that idea to NBC.

  11. I'll try that pitch... lol... I'll at least try sending it to Robot Chicken...

    The last time I tried to pitch something to NBC, to cancel Saturday Night Live, it was sadly ignored...

  12. Hi there. New follower to your blog.

    Team Coco all the way! lol

  13. Welcome Geof! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! Thanks for the comment!


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