Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holy Kramer Entrances, Batman!

Do you remember the video of all of the curse words in 'The Sopranos', that Victor Solomon put together after watching edited versions of 'The Sopranos' while confined to a hospital bed?

I was amazed by the amount of time he must have spent, and how much work he must have put into the project....

Well, here are two more videos by dedicated fans of their favorite television shows....

In the first video, YouTube user Apennyw put together every one of Robin's 'Holy Exclamation Quotes' from the first season of television's original 'Batman' show....

YouTube user tylercreviston put together a video of every single Kramer entrance from 'Seinfeld' in chronological order!

I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to put one of these videos together....


  1. I liked Batman but the video with all the ways he said Holy ____ was slightly annoying LOL. Some got cut off too early.

    I liked the Kramer one. I always thought Kramer busted open the door and slid right in but he actually has a twist foot slide. I was amazed by it. I watched each clip to see if I could spot the twist.

  2. There's something therapeutic about watching Kramer enter that many times.

  3. Did any of you check out the Sopranos Cursing video? It's just 27 minutes of cursing....


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