Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Second Day In Barstow - Ridiculous Wheel Of Fortune Failures

It was a long day in Barstow yesterday, and today I'm going to be back there again to inspect a second property.... Fortunately, traffic was good on the way there and on the way back, so the two hour road trips were pretty easy to handle.... I tried to take some interesting things to take pictures of in Barstow, but it turns out that there's nothing interesting to take a picture of in Barstow.

Soon, I'll post some of the amazing pictures of the charcoal artwork of American stars created by an elderly Korean man in his 200 square foot apartment.... He doesn't sell them, he just makes them because it makes him happy....

Anyway, since everyone enjoyed the 'Price Is Right' post yesterday, I thought I'd try posting some of the funniest 'Wheel Of Fortune' failures....I hope you're having a better Thursday than I am....


  1. Ugh now I want a star tree!
    Self potato... really???
    Awww the last one had to be an accident... poor schmuck

  2. wow!! people are dumb. how could all 3 of those guys not get Regis and Kelly?

  3. I'm still shocked by the self potato.... At least she was able to laugh at herself.


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