Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smart Guy Predicts The Super Bowl

In 1997, 'Smart Guy' premiered on the 'WB' channel.... You may now know the channel as the 'CW' (commonly pronounced as 'QUA'). Anyway, the show was about a ten year old genius trying to survive in high school.... Well, who knew that the producers of 'Smart Guy' were able to predict the future?

In an episode of 'Smart Guy', the kids sneak into the television station to try to get their father's commercial for his roofing business to play during the prime time television hours. Little did they know that the commercial was going to play at halftime during the Super Bowl.... Ok, ok.... I'll get to the point.... Right before the commercial airs, the announcer reveals the halftime score of the Super Bowl:

New Orleans - 54
Indianapolis - 3

I wouldn't run to Vegas just yet.... The sports books have the Indianapolis Colts as six point favorites over the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.... I don't see the Saints being up by 51 points at halftime....


  1. F the Colts and I hope that's the actual score!

  2. Geaux!!!! Geaux!!!!

  3. Nobody else calls it "The Qua" but YOU, Babe.

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  5. I dunno, the Saints have a lot of weapons and Drew Brees is a smooth MF'er! But Manning has the leadership and experience for winning the Bowl. So it is doubtful thats the half time score but hey nice read into a future Super Bowl matchup!

    My Thoughts

  6. How do you even find something like that? LOL. I hope it goes that way. That would be phenomenal.

  7. Every year around this time, I search YouTube for my very favorite stupid video. It's this dumb punk-ass kid who had a short-lived show on MTV. In the video he sings this horrible song, "The Super Bowl is gay". Sorry this has like nothing to do with your entry. Hope you aren't offended and delete it.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  8. LOL! What a find. Back in 97, they would be longshots for the SB, so that's funny how that scenario came true 13 years later. If it is 54-3, then that is one of the signs of the apocalypse. I will have to watch more re-runs to see what else Smartguydamus can tell us about thr future.

  9. @Colleen- Everyone is going to start calling the it 'The Qua'!

    @Ian - I don't quite share in the deep hatred of Peyton Manning, but I'm still rooting for the Saints!

    @Lisa Marie - Here we geaux Saints! Here we geaux!

    @Jerry - NO's offense is ripping people apart.... The only part of their offense I think they were missing was Reggie Bush.... He would fall over if there was a strong wind! Now that he's actually running into defenders to get more yards, the final piece of the puzzle is in place! I watched every single college game Reggie Bush played in, and it was amazing to Watch him run to one sideline, then run all the way across to the other side of the field for a touchdown.... All while the defenders looked stunned!

    @TS - It's the magic of YouTube!

    @Ally - You're thinking of a young man named Andy Milonakis.... I remember when, early in his career, he came on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to play 'Jimmy Junior'!

    @Geof - I thought Jon Cusack told us the world will end in 2012....

  10. How do you find stuff like that? Do you just do random searches on YouTube? I hope the Saints win, they need it for their city. I'm sick of the Colts win streak anyway but it's better than the f*#%ing Patriots

  11. who dat show is
    who dat gonna score 53 points
    whodat who dat whodat
    dem saints dats who dat

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