Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before They Were Famous #2

Everybody ready for a fun game to waste some time on a Thursday morning? Another game of "Before They Were Famous"! Can you recognize these stars from before their rise to stardom?

8. 9. 10.
Let's see how you did.... Post your score in the comments!

1. George Clooney

2. Ryan Seacrest

3. Madonna

4. Jodie Foster

5. Brad Pitt

6. Bruce Willis

7. Vince Vaughn
8. Robert DeNiro
9. Sean Connery

10. Ben Stiller
11. Christopher Walken
12. Kate Hudson


  1. Wow, man! That was awesome. I sorta recognized most of them only because I'm an entertainment writer and follow most of the entertainment gossip mags, etc.

    Funny story about Ryan Seacrest. When I worked at the teen mags (Tiger Beat, SuperTeen, etc.) we actually interviewed him. This is going back to the late 90s. He was doing something like voice overs or something maybe it was "Hey Arnold" or a game show, I totally don't recall exactly. He was out of our age range and all we could do was give him the tiniest of mention. For some reason that always makes me laugh. I don't remember a damn thing about the interview either. I think it was because I knew he was just not teen idol material so my brain went into snooze mode. Ha ha.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. I got 3. So... yeah not great. lol

  3. I knew 6, 9 and 11. I had seen them before on the 'net. But the others I had no clue!

    My Thoughts...

  4. Who knew that Ryan Seacrest would go from that to the busiest man in show business.... As an entertainment writer, I bet you're not in snooze mode anymore!

  5. Got two. Should have known the little coquette was Madonna... Wow, Kate Hudson has changed!

  6. Wowsers! I can't get over Seacrest and Kate Hudson. They don't look anything like they did--makes you wonder...

  7. I got only one right - ben stiller. I totally thought that robert deniro was fred savage, it looked like him.

    that was fun

  8. Nobody seems to getting more than a few right! I'm glad I was able to make a quiz that was moderately difficult....

    I think, my wife disagrees, that Kate Hudson may have had some plastic surgery....

    I can see a bit of Fred Savage in a young Robert DeNiro! I recently watched a movie called 'No One Would Tell', where Fred Savage plays the abusive boyfriend of Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner from Full House)! It was sooooo bad that it was sooooo good!

  9. Ben Stiller was kind of...striking.

    WTF is up with young George Clooney's hair...woooow.


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