Friday, February 19, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #33 - Answer

They knew everything about everything when it came to academics, he was there to teach them lessons about life....

'Head Of The Class' focused on substitute history teacher Charlie Moore, played by Howard Hesseman of WKRP fame, and the diverse group of students in the Individualized Honors Program at Millard Fillmore High School.

The students in the IHP program included Robin Givens as speech and debate expert Darlene (pre- and post
-Mike Tyson), Dan Frischman as mathematics expert Arvid, Khrystyne Haje as literature expert Simone, Tony O'Dell as political science expert Alan, Brian Robbins as leather jacket wearing and wisecracking Eric (currently an executive producer of Smallville), Sarah Nevins as Kimberly, Dan Schneider as physics and chemistry expert Dennis, and Tannis Vallely as 12 year old expert at everything Janice.

Did you know that 'Head Of The
Class' is the first American sitcom to be filmed in the Soviet Union? Filmed in Moscow, the episode featured an Academic Olympics rematch with the Russian team.... SPOILER ALERT - USA WINS!!!! Sorry for ruining that for you....

There were two important late additions to the show, in the final season of the show, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly replaced Howard Hesseman as the teacher.

And the most important addition, and in my honest opinion, the reason that 'Head Of The Class' should still be on the air.... T
he addition of Jonathan Ke Quan as student Jasper Kwong! You may know him as 'Short Round' from the Indiana Jones films and 'Data' from 'Goonies'!!!!!


  1. Now I just want to watch it. Whatever happened to TV Land picking up cool old shows like that?

  2. I totally remember that episode where they went to Russia! Didn't they try to smuggle in Levis or something? Hilarious.

  3. I stopped watching around the time Connolly came aboard. Just got tired of it. But I had no idea Short Round was on there!!!

    "No pawasutes!" lol

  4. Nick at Nite could replace some of the shows that they show 27 times a day (cough cough George Lopez cough cough)

    I don't remember the Levis! Now I have to go back and watch that episode....

    No pawasutes! I love that kid!

  5. Your final picture makes me NEED to watch the Goonies again!!


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