Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Katy vs. Kara

I know that not everyone loves American Idol, and this season has been lackluster (aside from 'Pants On The Ground' guy), but last week's guest judge in Los Angeles reminded me why the show is watchable....

The beautiful and stunning Katy Perry joined Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and (the much disliked by ASBLACKASOBAMA) Kara DioGuardi to help judge the auditions and figure out which contestants would be sent to Hollywood.... Katy Perry only added to the reasons that she will be mine.... Watch your back Russell Brand!


  1. Katy Perry is HOT AS HELL, FTW!

  2. Katy should totally replace Kara. She is younger and more in touch with what the kids are into. Kara is working a lot in country music (I live in Nashville and she is here a lot... so is Simon!) so I am not sure if she is really in touch with pop today. Not that I am bc I don't get into pop. Just sayin'

  3. That was an amusing bit of video. I do not usually watch American Idol, but my daughter does. She likes to tell me about some of the stuff.


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