Thursday, February 4, 2010

Korean Bread or Korean Brick?

I am reaching out to my readers to see if they can answer something for me.....

The complex I had to inspect in Long Beach, where I found the 'hidden artist', was primarily occupied with elderly Korean immigrants. In many of the units, I found trays full of what looked like small loaves of bread. When we approached the loaf shaped items, we noticed that some of the loaves were covered in mold..... And when I picked up one of the loaves, it was heavy and solid, similar to a brick....

I've searched and searched, and no person and no thing has been able to tell me 'what these things are' or 'why these things exist'. Does anybody out there know what these things are? Or do you know any Korean people who know what these things are?


  1. I have no clue, but they sure look odd. Korean Twinkies maybe?

  2. Ha ha! Korean twinkies! I like that!

    They were frightening! I think it's even more frightening that nobody could tell me what they are!

  3. Is that butter on one of them? I would of taken a lil nibble to see what it tasted like.

  4. Hmm I wonder if these are some kind of biscuit. Curious.

    Kate xx

  5. maybe they had a party and made extra bread loafs and nobody wanted them so they were trying to get rid of them to unsuspecting passer byes?


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