Monday, February 8, 2010

Mel Gibson On The 'Edge Of Darkness'

Let me start this post off by saying that I don't have a dog in this fight.... Mel Gibson's new movie 'Edge of Darkness' came out in theaters a couple of weeks ago. This is Mel Gibson's first movie since 2002, and his first movie since his drunk driving arrest and his anti-Semitic tirade towards the police officers in 2006.

Mel Gibson went on the apology tour after the arrest, attended the court appointed classes and has stayed out of the limelight since the drunk driving arrest (if you don't count the divorce from his wife of more than 30 years). You don't have to like Mel Gibson, and you don't have to accept his apology.... But he seems to have made a sincere attempt at giving his penance....

Anyway, Sam Rubin, who is Jewish and is one of those schmarmy entertainment reporters, sat down to interview Mel Gibson about his new movie. During the interview, Sam Rubin asked Mel Gibson, 'Some people are going to welcome you back, and some people think you should never come back.' Mel Gibson puts on his crazy eyes and says that the comments were attributed to him (even though he admitted to saying those things in an interview with Diane Sawyer) and asks Sam if he has a 'dog in this fight'. At that point Sam Rubin goes into a hole and sort of backs off....

After the interview, Sam goes back to the studio and gives his two cents, and says that he didn't understand what Mel Gibson meant when he said 'Do you have a dog in this fight?', and that he was mad that he didn't speak up for himself.... Then his news mates tried to pat him on the back (poorly I might add), and told Sam that 'what he didn't say, said more'....

Both parties handled the interview poorly.... On one hand, Mel should have just said 'Look, I said it, I apologized, there's nothing more that I can do', and on the other hand I think if Sam is going to call Mel Gibson on a super touchy subject then he shouldn't have crawled into a hole during the interview and gone on to bash Mel Gibson on his newscast without Mel there to defend himself....

So, here's my question, do you think Mel Gibson has made amends? Or do you think his requests for forgiveness are inadequate. Will, or have, you seen 'Edge of Darkness'? Or has Mel Gibson tainted your view of him? What's your opinion? Do you think that alcohol made Mel Gibson spout out his inner truths, or maybe the alcohol made him talk crazy? Do you think there can be a separation between a person's personal life and his art? What more could Mel do to win you back as a fan?

Looky here! Here's an added bonus! Another schmarmy entertainment reporter interviewed Mel about his arrest and comments.... At the end of the interview, Mel calls the reporter an a-hole....


  1. My father once said "If you can dish it out than you should be able to take it". Mel said those things, he admitted to it, he apologized. I do think that reporters should move on but they do it bc they know that if they bring it up then "Crazy Mel" comes out to play. Once "Crazy Mel" comes out he says some pretty f'ed up stuff and it further proves how twisted and out of touch with reality the guy is. He is his own undoing. He needs to learn how to gracefully dance away from the subject when brought up. But no, he just can not do it. Mehhh... he needs a better publicist.

  2. I enjoy the odd mad Gibson joke. Might as well, since it's not really ever going to stop. That said I still like him as an actor. I have no intentions to see Edge of Darkness, not because of his craziness, but because it looks like a large boat full of suck.

    Now 'The Beaver' on the other hand...
    Mel Gibson in a Jodie Foster directed film about a guy who has a Beaver puppet he treats as if it's alive? I'm there.

  3. He crazy but that's what makes him entertaining. That's why people won't drop the past and keep bringing it up. If he wasn't we would lock him away to protect society. But I have enjoyed some of his movies and if it's interesting I will see it. I am on a fence with Edge of Darkness. It could suck but could be good. Will wait and see. Maybe catch it on rental.

  4. I think 'Edge of Darkness' might be coming out a little too close to 'Lovely Bones'....

    I've seen pictures of Gibson walking around with that beaver puppet on his hand! And I hear they're reworking the script for the new Lethal Weapon....

  5. I think Mel made a total twit of himself - I certainly haven't viewed him in the same way since. Would that stop me watching his movies? I haven't really thought about it, but then I only really liked him in the Lethal Weapon movies.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!

    Kitty x

  6. Frankly I don't care what actors/actresses do in their personal lives, just as long as it doesn't affect their acting skills. I would see edge of darkness regardless of what Mel does unless he rapes and murders a child then it's a little different.

    I think people are too caught up in the drama of things. Just look at Michael Vick as an example, he did some horrible things, did time for it and people love him again.

  7. I wouldn't say Michael Vick is loved. But he is trying to make amends for what he did and is truly sorry for it. I think thats more then can be said for Mel, but I do agree that unless its rape or murder, you can look past what stupid things were done in personal life to enjoy the professional side.

  8. hmmm Mel Gibson, interesting topic. I had been a "fan" of his at one time. Fan for me means I enjoyed watching him in his movies, no crazy stalker behavior. The only one I get that way over is Johnny Depp and his butt. Ok, back on topic. Mel is an intelligent man who can make good movies. Unfortunately, he is his own worst enemy. He damaged himself when he had his past tirades, and I am not sure if his apology was sincere. Most likely it was not. However, sincere or not, he did make the effort. Those tirades and bad behavior are part of his history, reporters will ask about it. He needs to be better prepared then he obviously was in those interviews. He had an opportunity with those questions to improve his reputation if he chose a classy answer, instead it seems he chose to act out of anger. That tells me, he still has some mental issues going on. Maybe he needs his own supply of happy pills, like I have.

  9. Mel Gibson is a giant piece of shit. Sure you can have your views of the world. But once you put yourself out there in public like you have, you are open to much greater scrutiny.

    No he hasn't made amends and I think he's a piece of shit. Have I mentioned that yet?

  10. @Kitty Moore - Maverick was a pretty good movie too!

    @Powdered Toast Man - I think that Michael Vick is still hated by many.... But if anybody was going to accept him, it would be Eagles fans or Raiders fans.... Hell, Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa!

    @Jerry - You Eagles fans are so forgiving!

    @Melissa Mashburn - I think the reporters need to be better prepared as well.... If you're going to push the question about Mel's indiscretions, then stick your feet in the ground and go toe to toe.... Sam Rubin totally freaked out, then went on television to defend himself by saying that he didn't understand what Gibson meant by 'Do you have a dog in this fight?' And then accepted the pat on the back from his colleagues when they said that 'what he didn't say said more'....

    @Ian - Is there anything Mel Gibson could do to make amends? Have you totally written him off? Or is there some way he could bring himself out of the hole that he's dug for himself?

  11. I stroooooongly disagree that Michael Vick is sorry for what he did. Yeah, he's sorry he got caught. He's extremely sorry he got punished. You know, he might even be sorry for how many laws he broke. But he's CERTAINLY not sorry for what he did to the dogs, and I don't understand how ANYONE can forgive him.

    As far as I'm concerned, the dude should be rotting in jail for a very long time. Short of that, he should never have been allowed to play for the NFL again. The Eagles are major shitheads for taking him.

    Sorry Michael for being so far off your topic.. Actually blame the Powdered Toast dude and Jerry. haha

    Mel Gibson's a douche. lmao @
    "puts on his crazy eyes"

  12. I agree that Michael Vick shouldn't have been allowed to come back to the league.... We'll see if Plaxico Burress is allowed back after he shot himself in the leg at a strip club....

  13. Chelsea, so what insight do you have into Michael Vick that you KNOW he is not sorry for what he did to the dogs?

    It was shitty, he should have never did it or been involved with it but you don't think he might have realized what he was really doing and how it affected the lives of those animals?

    I am sure he has had to watch plenty of ASPCA videos and no one can watch that and want to hurt an animal ever again.

  14. Jerry, who says Michael Vick is "truly sorry"? I don't see how one minute you're fighting dogs to death, and then the next minute someone says that's WRONG, and you go, "Oh, I didn't know it was wrong. Now I'm truly sorry." Bullshit. You're not THAT disgusting a human being one minute and a few classes later you're a good person.

    As for Mel Gibson. WTF. He said stupid shit when he was stupid drunk. I HATE alcohol, everyone who knows me knows that, but I don't believe Mel Gibson is NECESSARILY a horrible person because he said some crap when he was drunk off his ass. I don't buy into the whole "the truth comes out" crap. My big reason for hating alcohol is that I think alcohol OFTEN makes people do things they don't mean, say things they don't feel, or behave in ways they would NEVER ordinarily. That's my belief.

    I also would like to use this as an example of why religion is horse shit. Religions that say a kid goes to hell if his parents didn't have water poured over his head, Religions that force you to mutilate your children, Religions that perpetuate HATE even if they claim to be peaceful. All in the name of believing in something and arguing that YOU are the only one who's right, when no one can prove it anyway. Fuck. It. All.

    There you go, I'm Mel Gibson now. Hate away.

  15. Jerry, Michael Vick might have had to watch ASPCA videos, but he actually WATCHED HIS OWN DOGS FIGHT! He saw nothing in the ASPCA videos that he didn't see in his own backyard.

  16. Colleen, now all you have to do is call me sugar tits....

  17. I am not saying what he did wasn't wrong. In fact it was horrible and very good that he went to jail for it. But the point I am trying to make here is that he has apologized and seemingly is trying to make amends. A la Mel Gibson.

    What is the point of rehabilitation then? Why do we have it for anything or anyone if it never works? You can't take a few classes and suddenly be a good person right? Alcoholics, drug addicts, no one should be excused??

  18. Of course alcoholics and drug addicts can change.... But they have an addiction....

    I don't think Michael Vick had an addiction to dog fighting. He ruthlessly put two dogs in a cage to fight to the death.... By the way, Manson apologizes every couple of years when he asks to be released on parole....

  19. What IS the point of rehabilitation? I don't think everything can be rehabbed away. Michael Vick's dog fighting wasn't a one-time thing. It wasn't a compulsion that he couldn't control, it was just evil, pure and simple.

  20. Who people are in real life definitely affects how I feel about them in the movies. Mel Gibson, unless he was drunk in those two interviews, has shown his true colors as a person. He's bitter and defensive. I think he's a huge jerk. I agree that Michael Vick is sorry he got caught, and I, too, think the NFL should have locked the door permanently on him. And Religion? Yes, I agree, organized religion is at the root of most organized evil in this world.

  21. You know what I think of this whole conversation...

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."


  22. Eh, I've never made dogs fight to death, I've never been an incredible asshole when I was drunk (because I've never touched alcohol to begin with) I've never done anything that needs to be rehabilitated away, and I've never perpetuated any of the hate that organized religion invokes.

    ::thud:: There, I cast my stone.

  23. Wow, your stone didn't go far. LOL.

  24. LMAO, well I didn't really want to hit anyone with it, I just wanted to toss it for the symbolism.

  25. I am sorry I have missed most of this conversation and have some very strong opions myself on a few of the comments made above, now the question is do I contribute or just keep it to myself, well hell I would not be myself I did not weigh in here,

    Okay so Mel Gibson, everyone has veiws about religon and no one would have cared what he said if he wasn't famous, so really I could care less about his personal views I just want to be entertained.

    On Mike Vic I think what he did is horrible and inexcuseable but the fact is we really don't know him so for us to judge him is really pointless, because like Mel Gibson no one would have made such a big deal if he wasn't famous. Now that is not to say that I can in anyway excuse what he did nor do I have to believe what he says.

    I do however believe people can be rehabilitaed, now this is me and I have to beilive this because without that belife I would personally have lost several relationships though out my life.

    In the case of Alchol, I think alchol does both make you do things you would never have the balls to do with out it even though you might want to and makes you do things that you didn't want to ever do. i.e. I wanted to flirt with my daughter's father, the alchol helped me get up the nerve, I did not want to have unprotected sex, the alchol made me retarded. Yes I did just use that as an example and I have no problem with that. Don't get me wrong I would not go back and do it any other way :)

    Now on the topic of Religion personally I feel that not believeing in anything at all is horse shit, but it is not my place to vocalize that. To me religon can be as simple as passing along morals and ethics to your children and beliving that there is more out there then what we see, whether you choose to belive in heaven, or reincarnation, or the Circle of life. Religon is a belife system not nessisarly a belife in God. I don't argue that organized religion is responsible for a lot of damage through out the ages, but I do argue all reglion being horse shit.

  26. Although I believe organized religion has some evil facets, I'm not a big fan of wiping out all organized religion. Lots of people need to have rules and need to believe in an omniscient being doling out consequences to do the "right" thing.

  27. What I meant was "organized religion"... I can't fault anyone for believing in a higher power, or choosing to trust that when you die, it's not just OVER. I get that, even if I don't believe it myself. I don't for a second presume to KNOW that I'm right about that and everyone else is wrong, which is what most organized religions, and especially most religious people, insist.

    My children will still be moral and ethical people without being scared into it by threats of a god. I know I'm a good person, which has not a thing to do with having a fear of god.

    As far as people being rehabilitated or not, I think it depends on the crime, depends on the person, etc... I believe that Michael Vick will probably never fight dogs again, but not because I think he's now a good person and believes it's wrong, but because he got caught and the punishment wouldn't be worth it again. Like I said before, I don't believe that every action or behavior can just be rehabbed away.


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