Friday, February 12, 2010


I really hope this doesn't mark the start of the February of Death.... After losing Art Clokey, Donald Goerke, Jan C. Gabriel and Glen Bell, I didn't think I could take any more.... Well, on February 9, 2010, America lost a legend. At the age of 90, Walter 'Fred' Morrison succumbed to cancer at his home in Monroe, Utah....

Walter Morrison gave us a little known toy called THE FRISBEE!!!! That's right!

While enjoying a family picnic in 1937, Morrison and his future wife started tossing around the lid of a popcorn tin.... The popcorn tin lid dented easily, but did that stop Walter? NO SIR!
They moved on to their next best option - cake pans.... on to cake pans. Soon Morrison was off and selling the 'Flying Cake Pans'.

In 1955, Morrison added a deeper and thicker rim and sold the disc known as the 'Pluto Platter'. And finally, in 1957, Wham-O purchased the marketing rights to what two years later would be known as 'The Frisbee' (a spin-off of the name of the 'Frisbie Pie Co.')

Anyone care to join me in a memorial game of frisbee golf on Saturday?


  1. I do not think my frisbee would make it all the way out to where you are. Great post! I like the things you find interesting.

  2. You have been awarded the Sunshine Award

    Please go here to pick it up

  3. Uh, try again... Ruby has training classes tomorrow, we have to go sign our new lease, and I have to grocery shopping... No frisbee golf for you!! ::maniacal laughter::

  4. And Sunday is Valentine's day so good luck on that one buddy!

  5. Haha my hubs used to play Ultimate Frisbee all through high school and college! So much fun!

  6. I heard about his passing. That sucks. Death just targeted celebrities last year. This year he seems to be going after childhood icons.

  7. I was never good at frisbee. I'm more of a hopscotch kind of guy

  8. Ah... Hopscotch... The sport of gentlemen... Or is it the sport of gentle men... lol


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