Friday, March 5, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #35 - Answer

Congratulations to Lisa Marie at 'The Domestication Of A Party Girl' for correctly answering this week's 'Can You Guess This TV Theme'!

For five seasons and 114 episodes, Mayim Bialik starred as the quirky (and oh so fashionable) title character in 'Blossom'.

After her mother leaves to pursue her own life and career, teenager Blossom Russo is left to try to figure out life with the help of her father Nick (Ted Wass) and her two brothers, the recovering addict Tony (Michael Stoyanov) and the athletic dolt Joey (Joey 'WHOA' Lawrence).... And you can't forget about her best friend and sidekick, the fast-talking Six (Jenna Von Oy)....

One of my favorite things about writing these 'Can You Guess This TV Theme' posts, is going back and watching old episodes of these television shows.... I've been watching 'Blossom' all day, and I have to tell you, this show is still funny! I've actually laughed out loud at some of the one-liners.... The show's constant one-liner after one-liner after one-liner format did make me a little claustrophobic (the laugh track is played over approximately 50% of the show....), but generally, the show has held up well. I'm sure the nostalgia factor helps a bit....


  1. I always thought her dad on the show was sexy!!!

  2. I loved Blossom too, and the theme song is great. Congrats, Lisa Marie.

  3. Damn, I recognized the song but couldn't pinpoint it. I suck again. Did u see ur awards yet?

  4. Thanks for the awards Powdered Toast Man!

  5. This is a show that I never got into. However, I did see Ted Wass in the Curse of the Pink Panther the other day, so I'm glad he went on to bigger things.

  6. I loved that show. It's funny when I look back to some of the shows I loved and thought I was much younger than I was, as a viewer, then realize the year the show was made and think to myself, I truly am and always will be immature.

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