Friday, March 12, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #36 - Answer

Wow! It looks like I stumped everybody this week.... I apologize for choosing such a difficult theme for this week's 'Can You Guess This TV Theme?', but I was trying to make a lame attempt at a tribute to the late great Corey Haim....

In 'Roomies', Corey Haim played 14 year old fish-loving genius Matthew Wiggins, enrolled as a freshman at Saginaw University. What Matthew didn't expect was that his dormitory roommate would be fellow freshman, 4o year old retired drill sergeant Nick Chase, played by Burt Young. The 'odd couple' teach each other lessons about life as they try to survive dorm life.

The show was used as a Saturday morning filler and only 8 episodes were filmed.... If you blinked you missed it.... I can't say it was an especially good show, as the humor was a bit choppy and the laugh track was repetitive and lackluster. However, if you can get your hands on some clips (good luck - I've been searching for hours), it's great to see a young and vibrant Corey Haim throwing his hat in the sitcom ring....

I was going to write a little something about Corey Haim, but my tribute wouldn't hold a candle to my blogging buddy Ally's tribute at Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. You can see her tribute here, and her commentary on Cory Feldman speaking about his friend and media coverage of celebrities here.


  1. So sad about Corey. I can't imagine the demons he was dealing with, but can only hope that now he's at peace.

  2. Awwww ABAO, you're soooo sweet. How kind of you to mention both COREY and ME in your blog. I can't thank you enough. I could cry.

    I wanted to mention Roomies at some point, but couldn't find anything really on it - I scoured YouTube for a few minutes and gave up.

    I don't recall that theme song at all though. I'm typically good w/that esp. with a show I was once a fan of.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  3. I wasn't around earlier so I couldn't participate, which works out fine as I've never even heard of the show. Nice of you to commemorate Corey though. Just sad.

  4. That was a great pick in honor of Corey Haim.

  5. I was sick and so out of it Friday I couldn't play in the game. I wouldn't have come close anyways. I never saw this show.

    Ally's posts were awesome! Major Kudos to her and her great blog. And Corey will be missed for sure.

  6. Wow! That was a good one. That show totally fell off my radar. Agreed that Ally's tribute is pretty amazing.

  7. I never ever would have guessed it!! That was HARD!!:P

  8. Thanks guys! I'll make it easier next time! And you deserve the credit Ally! It was a great tribute!

  9. I will have to pop over to read the tribute :0)

  10. Geez... I DO NOT remember this at all! And Burt Ward was playing a 40 year old?!? LOL!


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