Friday, March 19, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #37 - Answer

Another round of applause for Lisa Marie from The Domestication of a Party Girl for being the first to correctly answer this weeks 'Can You Guess This TV Theme?'!

I'm turning 30 on Sunday, so I thought the only appropriate choice for this week's 'Can You Guess This TV Theme?' would be 'thirtysomething'....

I have to be honest.... I didn't watch this show very often. It was filled with adult themes and drama and people being thirty....

I always thought the coolest thing about the show was the creepy Bedford Falls logo and tune at the end of each episode....

The show centered around a group of middle-class suburban grown ups trying to survive their 30's.... They deal with love, children, marriage, divorce, friends and family....

I just remember the show being super dramatic with a few laughs. I know that 'thirtysomething' is supposed to be this sensational generation drama, but I just don't see the appeal.... I've been watching episodes of 'thirtysomething' all night, and I can't get excited about the show.

However, you put an episode of 'Perfect Strangers' in front of me, and I'll do the dance of joy!


  1. Don't be reeediculous!!!!!
    I actually watche "Thritysomething" in college. It was on late at night on some random channel. I got all sucked in!
    Have a happy birthday filled with love and joy:)

  2. Ahhhh I'm too late for the guessing game, but I didn't know what the show was, so I would've lost anyway!!:P Congrats Lisa!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (in advance):):)

  3. Happy early birthday. The thirties suck. I miss my twenties.

  4. Never watched it, but I'll take a double helping of perfect strangers. It's been a long time since I've seen that show.

  5. Crap...even I had that one right!
    The 30's do not suck. I'd give a testicle to be in my 30's....

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

    @Lisa Marie - I tried getting into the show.... I really did....

    @Sarah - I'll make it easier next time....

    @Nikki - I still have two more days and I already miss my twenties.

    @TS Hendrik - I looooooved Perfect Strangers! Did you know that Louie Anderson played the part of Larry Appleton in the pilot episode?

    @Pat Tillett - Were you the guys that offered the testicle for Super Bowl tickets?

  7. I always miss this game!! I don't do my blog reading til late at night and then it's already over. I need to remember that you have this game on Fridays.

    I believe you have some emails to return MR. Asblack.

  8. I am so bummed I missed this. FIL is in town. I watched 30something a little bit but it was a bit whiny and depressing.

  9. Hey, happy birthday man! That's great that you're entering that decade just as I'm leaving. Whooo hoo for you. Not for me. 30 something was a cool show. I liked the ad agency scenes.

  10. I'll take Perfect Strangers over thirtysomething any day. Like the episode where Balki went to the dentist and he and Larry inhaled too much laughing gas. Now that's quality programming, people..

  11. I have never watched Thirtysomething but I do know that is where Peter Horton first got his fame. That log is pretty eerie too.

  12. Happy Birthday to the best son-in-law ever!

  13. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I don't get it, I was kinda still a kid when this show was on too, yet I watched it, often?! I think I had a crush on one of the dudes. What else is new?

    I liked Perfect Strangers too :) Geof is totally right about Peter Horton!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  14. @Powdered Toast Man - I'm working on those emails! lol

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - That's why I never got into it.... (Not including the fact that I was only 7 when it aired.

    @Copyboy - Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    @Joe - Perfect Strangers was the best! Where did all the good TV go?

    @Geof - The only thing that could have made it creepier is if their was a shadow in the window....

    @Suzanne - Thank you!!!!

    @Ally - Thank you for the birthday wishes! Which dude was the dreamiest? The ginger? The main guy? Or the hippie brother?

  15. Happy belated birthday - Hope you had a fab time :0)


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