Friday, April 30, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #43 - Answer

Congratulations to Sam for correctly guessing that this week's TV theme was from 'Taxi'!

Taxi followed the lives and relationships of the employees of the Sunshine Taxi Company. Danny DeVito played the taxi dispatcher with a Napoleon complex, Louie De Palma, watching from his tower over his ragtag crew of drivers.

The crew included Judd Hirsch as driver Alex Rieger, Marilu Henner as artist and driver Elaine Nardo, Tony Danza as boxer and driver Tony Banta, Jeff Conaway as actor and driver Bobby Wheeler, Christoper Lloyd as Reverend Jim Ignatowski, and Andy Kaufman as mechanic Latka Gravas and Carol Kane as Latka's wife Simka....

I do have to admit that I have a bit of a selfish reason for choosing Taxi as this week's TV theme.... This scene from Taxi may be the funniest scene ever on television.... It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! Christopher Lloyd (who went on to play Doctor Emmett Brown in the "Back To The Future" series) needs to renew his driver's license and the gang all head down to the DMV to help him out. The entire scene is very funny, but if you want to skip to the best part, go four minutes into the video.

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #43

Everybody was stumped last week, so this week's TV theme is a bit easier..... Happy Last Day Of April! Can You Guess This TV Theme?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pickle Pops

While perusing a post that pitted game show hosts Alan Thicke and Marc Summers against each other over at 'Just The Cheese' by Powdered Toast Man, I started thinking....

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the name Marc Summers.... Double Dare? Ok, the second thing.... That's right, Pickle Pops.... Wait.... You didn't think of Pickle Pops?

On an episode of the Food Network show 'Unwrapped', hosted by Marc Summers, appeared a short segment on the now infamous Bob's Pickle Pops.

Do you ever sneak a sip of the pickle juice after you've finished the last crispy dill? Or added the pickle juice to a recipe to give it a little extra kick? Well, Pickle Bob had an even simpler idea.... Frozen Pickle Pops. It started out as a small operation at the local skating rink, where Bob would freeze and sell the leftover pickle juice. After quickly and repeatedly selling as many pickle pops as he could make every weekend, Bob decided to take his idea to the next level.

Packaging the Pickle Pops in a traditional Otter Pop fashion, Bob has taken his spicy dill, regular dill and lemon dill flavored pops nationwide. The pops contain only pickle juice and are currently being marketed as a healthier alternatives to sugary desserts.... The pops are currently being marketed to schools and concession stands nationwide, and could soon be seen in a store near you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quantity And Quality - Bacon And Bloo-Duh

Woo hoo! One of my YouTube videos has received over 122,000 views! And over 325 comments!

Anyway, the kid in this video is a brat, but I find it hard to disagree with his logic.

My favorite part of the video? Thank you for asking.... I have two....

Number 1.... Pause it around the 32 second mark....

a. The look on his face is priceless.
b. If you look closely at the miniature wall-mounted license plate, it bears the words "LOW N SLO". I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds inappropriate, so it makes me laugh.

Ok.... Number 2.... Pause it around the 48 second mark and notice the three full bottles of ranch dressing sitting on the table.

However, I don't think that video is half as good as this one.... But this video of a really cute video of a kid worried about his bleeding baby brother only has around 500 views.... I love how the father can't control his laughter!

I probably just need to insert better search terms, but it's such a huge discrepancy.... Which video do you like better?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Combinations Since Peanut Butter And Jelly

The idea seems simple.... Take three awesome things, put them all together in one photograph.... A 'triawesomegraph' or examples of 'awetrigraphy'.... Ok, so my made up words won't end up in Webster's next edition of the dictionary, but I wouldn't mind having a book full of 'awetrigraphy' on my coffee table while I'm having my next lavish party.... You all will laugh at me, until Portia De Rossi or Christina Hendricks bumps into me and while trying to gather herself, she casually glances down and notices my coffee table fare.... I am now the most interesting guy at the party.... Of course, I'll have to turn down their advances because I'm happily married, but I'm sure you'll find love elsewhere Mrs. De Rossi and Ms. Hendricks....

Where was I? Oh, yes, sorry.... I've found two amazing pages that have been able to display this craft.... May I present to you
'Selleck Waterfall Sandwich' and 'Nimoy Sunset Pie'....

Here are a few of my favorites from their collections.... By the way, what would be in your 'awetrigraph'?

Featured Sandwich: Italian

Featured Sandwich: Meatloaf

Even Their Logo Is Awesome!

Featured Pie: Key Lime

Featured Pie: Apple

Featured Pie: Blueberry

Monday, April 26, 2010

Awesome Candle Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

I'm on a candle kick since seeing that awesome candle for my birthday pie....

Take a peek at this candle illusion.... It's going to blow your mind....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #42 - Answer

I was able to stump everybody with the short and sweet theme from 'Caroline In The City'!

After Lea Thompson was the rocker who fell in love with a leather jacket wearing and cigar smoking talking alien duck in 'Howard The Duck', and after she was Marty McFly's mother in the 'Back To The Future' trilogy, she became Caroline Duffy in 'Caroline In The City'....

Do you remember 'Caroline In The City'? It was on the air for four seasons.... Lea Thompson played Caroline Duffy, a syndicated cartoonist who wrote a comic strip titled 'Caroline In The City'.... Caroline works closely with Richard, played by Malcolm Gets, who takes the job as her comic strip colorist to make ends meet.... Throughout the series, Richard hides his undying love for Caroline as she dates new men and complains about her love life.... Hilarity ensues....

I became quite addicted to this show when it was on at 1:00 am, after watching back-to-back episodes of 'Boy Meets World'.

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #42

Are the weeks getting longer? It felt like Friday would never come..... Well, it's finally here! Can You Guess This TV Theme?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NewLeftMedia Interviews Protesters On Tax Day

Here's another hilarious/scary video from Again, two guys, Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (Camera), interviewed tea baggers who were protesting on tax day in Washington D.C.

It's really amazing to watch Mr. Whiteside ask a protester a simple question, and then watch the blank look on the protester's face when asked to simply clarify his opinion.

This might be the most entertaining video they've produced! I wonder if anybody said no to an interview.... Did you know that President Obama is considering banning fishing in America? Who knew?

Can anybody tell me if that little singing blond lady telling me that there is a communist in the White House is former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson?

If you enjoyed this video, I posted three others.... You can watch their interviews with Tea Baggers protesting the Health Care Policies by clicking here, interviews at the Tea Party protests by clicking here and you can see their interviews with people waiting for Sarah Palin to sign her new book (my favorite video) by clicking here.....

Perfect Candle For My Birthday Pie!

Take note family, this is the only acceptable candle for future birthday pies! Seriously, pie is way better than cake, right?

The large center flame lights 14 smaller candles, all while the candle spins and play the 'Happy Birthday' song!

Three candles can be purchased at for a steal! Three awesome candles for only $19.99!

If you act now, you can get a free awesome birthday candle! All you have to pay for is the shipping and handling!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amazing Aerial Footage Of The Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but ITN reporter John Irvine was able to get amazing aerial footage of the crater of the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull volcano spewing out the ash and lightning. I can see how this could ground air traffic.....


Yesterday, while reading a post on Mainland Streel's blog, 'A Mainland Streel', about Candian musical artists swarming her city for the Juno Awards and wishing death upon Justin Bieber, I noticed she made reference to the Pamplemousse....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the french word for grapefruit.... But that's not what I'm writing about today.
It also made me think about one of my favorite YouTube bands.... 'Pomplamoose' is the dynamic duo of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.... They create 'VideoSongs', which follow two simple rules:

1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice), and
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it in the video (no hidden sounds).

The Brock Press describes Pamplemoose perfectly, saying that 'Dawn’s style brings to mind Carla Bruni’s sunshiney adorableness mixed with the vocals of Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor. Conte, on the other hand, draws the obvious comparison to Thom Yorke of Radiohead, as well as a little of the melodramatic howls of Muse (without the excessive flourish) and the melodic spite of Brandon Boyd of Incubus without the rock-hard abs (I’m just kidding, Jack. I’m sure your abs are rock-hard too).'

Here are some of their videos to watch their amazing talents until you inevitably click on their banner below to visit their YouTube page....

A Pomplamoose Original (And My Favorite) - Hail Mary

Pomplamoose's Cover Of 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce

Pomplamoose's Cover Of 'Telephone' by Lady Gaga

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Just Saved You From A Trip To Baker

Since my 'I Just Saved You From A Trip To Barstow' post was so popular, I figured I'd try it again....

Yesterday, I had to trek up to Las Vegas from Southern California for work.... Shortly after you pass the Zyzzx Road exit on the 15 freeway, you reach the small town of Baker, California.

The main attraction in Baker is the 'World's Tallest Thermometer'!

The thermometer is 134 feet tall and records temperatures up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit (a tribute to the record high temperature recorded in 1913).

As you can see, it was a sultry 84 degrees in the desert yesterday.....

I could have stopped at the infamous 'Mad Greek' restaurant, but I decided to take a chance and go to Bob's Big Boy. I have many memories of going to the Bob's Big Boy with my grandfather when he would pick me up after elementary school....

The 'Breakfast Buffet' is apparently a big draw at the Big Boy, but it was 2:00 pm when I entered the establishment and the buffet was still out. It looked like the buffet food hadn't been touched touched for a few hours, so it was easy to pass on the trays of hardened biscuits gravy and the scrambled eggs with an orange hue....

Seeing the Big Boy statue brought back so many memories of enjoying lunch with my Grandfather.... Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the food this time.... The food quickly took on a 'rigor mortis' form at the bottom of my tummy....

One last question for all my Canadian readers.... The Bob's Big Boy had a 'Canadian Cheese Soup'.... They were all out of the soup when I attempted to order, and the waitress had no idea what was in the soup.... Do you guys have any ideas of what could be in the 'Canadian Cheese Soup'?

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Honk For Fonk!

I have a favorite insurance company. That's right! A favorite insurance company. Well, it's not the insurance company itself, it's their commercials.

Vern Fonk Insurance, providing services in the Washington State are popular for their hilarious 'B Movie'-eque television commercials that typically parody movies and TV shows. The Fonk commercials, usually written by and starring Rob Thielke, are the best thing to happen to the insurance industry! Progressive and Geico can go and 'Fonk' themselves!

Here are a few of their awesome commercials.... And don't forget, “Remember to honk when you drive by Vern Fonk!'

Fonk 2 The Future

Vern Gump

The Vernpranos

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #41 - Answer

Congratulations to Jerry from My Thoughts Brought To The Light for being the first person to correctly guess this week's TV theme!

'The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin' was an animated series that followed Teddy Ruxpin, that cute little toy bear whose mouth moved and eyes blinked as he read you stories as a child, as he leaves his home on the island of Rillonia with his best friend Grubby, the orange octopede. Together, with the help of Gimmick (a harebrained scientist they befriend during their adventure), they follow an ancient map which leads them to find a collection of crystals and Teddy's missing father....

Apparently, each episode included a short segment titled 'Protect Yourself' which ran after a teaser for the next episode and prior to the credits. It featured an animated Teddy Ruxpin on a live-action set, who would introduce contemporary child stars who would give young viewers advice on topics such as avoiding strangers and what to do in an emergency. These guest stars included the likes of Jason Bateman and Corey Feldman.... I don't remember the 'Protect Yourself' segments, but I'm planning on getting the DVD's this weekend to see if they're added as an extra!

Did you have a Teddy Ruxpin toy? I seem to remember that my Teddy Ruxpin felt like it weighed around 40 pounds.... But I was a bit smaller, so the toy probably seemed a lot bigger than it actually was....

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #41

It's finally here! It's FRIDAY! The weekend is almost upon us! Enjoy this week's 'Can You Guess This TV Theme'!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Technical Problems

The staff here at 'I Think It's Interesting' regret to inform you that today's post will be postponed until a later date and time, due to technical issues at our offices.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NHL Playoffs Means Moller's Moments Are Memories

The National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs start today! I can not proclaim that I am, in any way, a hockey fan.... However, I'll watch a Florida Panthers game just for the play-by-play....

Randy Moller is the colorful play by play announcer for the Florida Panthers. He screams out crazy things every time the Panthers players score a goal, mostly quotes from recent pop culture blockbusters.... It doesn't help the Panthers win any more games (they finished second to last in the Eastern Conference), but it does make the game a little more exciting! At least Randy Moller will have more time to come up with more interesting calls for next season....

Some DJ in Florida put together a couple of YouTube videos matching the goal calls with their videos.....

Some of my favorite calls include:







You can hear all of Randy Moller's goal calls from this season and recommend some more at:

Moller's Greatest Hits

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Loves The Planet

I loooooove Ellen DeGeneres.... Even though she did steal away my sweet Portia....

Anyway, my wife and I were watching the 'Ellen' Show, just as Ellen was talking about how she was a category on 'Family Feud'.... I'm so glad that somebody posted this on YouTube! It's so funny!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Down And Win At KFC

Don't say I've never done anything for you! About 6 months ago, I posted about the news of the Double Down Sandwich being tested at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Rhode Island and Omaha.... Here's the marketing picture from KFC....

The Double Down Sandwich consists of two slices of bacon, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a slice of Swiss cheese, and some of the Colonel's sauce, all between two filets of KFC original recipe chicken. (You can get the Double Down with grilled chicken filets, but what's the fun in that?)

Well, here are my pictures! The Double Down in all its glory.... I jumped on the cholesterol grenade.... And it was an explosion of deliciousness....

Don't get me wrong.... My heart didn't like it, and I'm probably never going to order it again.... BUT, it didn't taste horrible! The chicken was moist and flavorful and the bacon was crisp, but the cheese was a bit bland and the 'Colonel's Sauce' gave a tiny kick to the sandwich (when you could taste the flavor of the sauce outside the flavor of the chicken).... I could definitely feel the salty sandwich sucking all the moisture in my body towards my stomach, and I feel tired after eating the sandwich, but I can say that I tried it!

Count The Passes

All you have to do today is follow the rules....

1. Watch this short video.... In the video you will see a group of basketball players, some in white and some in black passing two balls around. Your goal is to count how many times the ball is passed by the team wearing white shirts. It's that easy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #40 - Answer

Congratulations to Amy at Listophelia for correctly guessing this week's TV theme!

'Murder, She Wrote', starring Angela Lansbury as mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher, was on the air for twelve years and was amazingly successful!

I was going to try to sit and write something that would do 'Murder, She Wrote' justice.... But while I was doing some research on the show to try and find more interesting information, I found this article written by user 'Roghache'.... It's really a wonderful piece....

Before I get to the article, I was perusing the list of guest stars that had appeared on 'Murder, She Wrote' during the show's 264 episode run. Did you know that Paul Rudd, Billy Zane, Courteney Cox, Joaquin Phoenix, Megan Mullally, Jim Caviezel, Bill Maher, George Clooney, Neil Patrick Harris, Leslie Neilsen, Jonathan Brandis, Daniel Dae Kim, Julianna Margulies, Bryan Cranston, Greg Evigan, Kevin Sorbo, Barry Williams, Florence Henderson, Andy Garcia, Gabe Kaplan, Adam West and many, many more actors and actresses all made appearances on the show? Seriously, there's 483 names on the list! It's incredible....

Here's the article from 'Roghache':

"This series is one of my all time favourites, and I still eagerly catch it on re runs. Angela Lansbury is surely one of the greatest of all the entertainment world's ladies, growing simply more graceful, dignified, and endearing as the years pass. She made a superb Miss Marple in some of the Agatha Christie movies, but her role as Jessica Fletcher, Cabot Cove's retired high school English teacher and current mystery novelist sleuth, is the one she was born to play.

True, the series isn't very realistic, as Jessica invariably stumbles upon a murder each week and manages to ferret out the killer quite single handedly, while local law enforcement remains stumped. However, this is fairly typical of all fictional sleuths; look at Miss Marple herself. Certainly Cabot Cove has an astonishing murder rate! Some episodes are of course more captivating than others, but even when a situation is predictable, it's always a joy watching this lovely, clever, & kind lady in action as she uses her charm, wits, imagination, and instincts about human nature. Of course it's always fun to try figuring out the killer before she does.

Jessica's travels take her around the USA and indeed the world, as she makes frequent trips to her New York City publisher, visits friends & relatives around the country (ranches, ski resorts, Las Vegas etc.), and even travels abroad, for example to Hong Kong, Ireland, Rome, Athens, and Monte Carlo. However, my favourite episodes are set in her small Maine hometown of Cabot Cove. I always enjoy the depiction of her lovely old fashioned white house and small town New England life, her traveling about on her bicycle (like myself, Jessica does not drive a car), and especially her relationships with other townsfolk, notably series regulars Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Amos Tupper. As Jessica is a widow, it's always interesting to watch her with her good friend, Seth; one is tempted to look for a glimmer of romance. Quite often Jessica's young nephew, Grady, appears with her as she tackles the solution to a case.

The guest list throughout the long running series does indeed read like a veritable 'Who's who' of Hollywood, including Hayley Mills, Shelley Fabares, Van Johnson, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Polly Bergen, Wayne Rogers, Lucie Arnaz, and David Ogden name but a few.

I'm thrilled that the series continues to live on in re runs and tip my hat to Angela Lansbury's twelve season stint as the mystery writer sleuth. Personally, I wish Jessica Fletcher had taught my son English in high school, would love to read one of her mystery novels, and think she would make a fabulous & interesting next door neighbour... except that I'd be a teeny bit afraid I might just turn up murdered!"

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #40

Good morning everybody! It's finally Friday! Here it is again! I can't believe I've done 40 Can You Guess This TV Theme posts.... 40! Well, Can You Guess This TV Theme?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Susan Boyle Can Suck It!

I don't know if everybody has seen these videos, but I love them both so much!

In this first video, Lin Yu Chun, known as the Cute Little Chubby Taiwanese Boy, drops Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" like it's hot on the Taiwanese singing competition show "Super Star Avenue". Close your eyes, and you can see Whitney!

I think they should drop the rumored idea of Miley Cyrus and Hugh Jackman making a remake of 'The Bodyguard'.... They should revamp 'The Bodyguard' with Lin Yu Chun as the kabuki queen that needs protection from lone wolf bodyguard Jackie Chan. I smell a blockbuster!

In the second video, Reggie Ramirez performs 'Endless Love', by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, on 'Pilipinas Got Talent'. Ramirez, with half of his body dressed as a woman and the other half of his body dressed as a man, performs both male and female parts of the song very well.... You really have to see the video to really appreciate the effort Ramirez put into his performance.... (Skip to 50 seconds into the video to get to the beginning of his/her performance.)

By the way, here's my favorite tidbit of useless knowledge for the day.... Who do you think is the hottest music star in Iraq? Lionel Richie. That's right.... Apparently Lionel Richie is huge in the Arab world.... An ABC News reporter who was in Iraq reporting on the war, wrote: "Grown Iraqi men get misty-eyed by the mere mention of his name. 'I love Lionel Richie,' they say. Iraqis who do not understand a word of English can sing an entire Lionel Richie song." Lionel Richie was told that Iraqis were playing "All Night Long," on the streets the night U.S. tanks rolled into the country in 2003. It makes sense to me.... Haven't you heard 'Dancing On The Ceiling'?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adult Super Vision - Unnecessary Spaces

On Easter Sunday, I brought a Power Flyer Water Rocket to the festivities to entertain the kids.... Who am I kidding? I brought the rocket to entertain myself!

Even after numerous tries, the rocket never traveled more than five feet....

Apparently, I didn't have the recommended 'Adult Super Vision'.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zubbles - The World's First Colored Bubbles

The best product ever has finally been released! After many delays, the world's first colored bubbles have been brought to the market! Zubbles, currently available in Presto Pink and Blazing Blue, can be purchased exclusively at the Zubbles website. They're more expensive than you're everyday run of the mill bubbles, but the novelty is totally worth the few extra dollars.

Now, I know what you're thinking.... They're going to be messy, they're going to ruin clothes, and what if my kids eat them?

Well, the bubbles don't stain and the residue disappears with friction, water or exposure to air.... And the Zubbles are completely non-toxic!!!!

Here are a couple videos showing how much fun you can have with (and the easy clean up of) Zubbles! The guy in the second video even puts the blue bubble liquid on his white shirt, and lets us know that the marks will dissapear (with no effort from him) after 15 minutes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Save The World - One Pizza Slice At A Time

I saw this innovative pizza box (and posted about it) about a year ago. It's one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever seen, and I knew that once the word was out, the inventors of this product would become billionaires quickly.

Apparently, the creators of the 'Green Box', Environmentally Conscious Organization, Inc.,
have completed a deal with the country's largest distributor of Italian foods to restaurants and food specialty shops, and they're being reviewed by three of the top four national pizza chains!

Made out of 100% recycled materials, the top of the pizza box tears into four plates, and the bottom of the box turns into convenient space saving storage for the remaining pizza. Check out this short video about the 'Green Box', marvel at the novelty, and store it away in your 'Why didn't I think of that!?!?!' file.....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Foul Balls

Opening Day of the 2010 Major League Baseball Season will be here on Sunday. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I'm always interested when weird things happen or records are broken.... Two weird things happened recently....

Former World Champion Yankee and new member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Hideki Matsui hit a foul ball out of Tempe Diablo Stadium during a Spring Training game against the Kansas City Royals.

Of all the cars in the parking lot, the foul ball cracked the windshield on Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels owner Arte Moreno's custom Mercedes, which was parked beyond foul territory and behind the Angels clubhouse in the right-field corner.

Matsui was quick to earn Moreno's forgiveness by crushing a three-run homer to right-center field during the same at bat.

In another Spring Training game, Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins hit a hard line drive foul ball into the stands. Seconds later, he ran over to the fans as a crowd of officials and team representatives gathered around a fan injured by the foul ball. Of all the people in the stands, Denard Span's foul ball hit his mother directly in the chest....

Span's mother was treated and soon returned to a different seat in the stadium (presumably out of the reach of errant baseballs), and Denard returned to the game, but ultimately left in the third inning citing that he 'wasn't mentally into the game'.

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #39 - Answer

Congratulation to The Girl Next Door Grows Up from 'The Girl Next Door Grows Up' for correctly answering this weeks TV Theme!

I could spend a paragraph or two explaining 'My Two Dads'.... How an odd-couple pair of bachelors, Michael Taylor and Joey Harris played by Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan, are thrust into fatherhood after inheriting their teenage daughter Nicole, played by Stacy Keanan, after the death of her mother.... Fortunately, the intro accomplishes that for me....

It's actually the perfect idea for a sitcom. Two single men become co-parents to a teenage girl. It's genius!

Florence Stanley plays the cantankerous, but level-headed and wise, Judge Margaret Wilson. She brought the fathers and daughter together and owns the building where they all live....

Dick Butkus plays the tough teddy bear, Ed Klawicki, who ran the restaurant at the ground floor of the apartment building....

Nicole's main love interests in the show, Corey Kupkus and Zach Nichols, are played by a young Giovanni Ribisi (who for some reason was in the credits as Vonni Ribisi) and Chad Allen....

I've been watching episodes all day, and I've seen cameos from Scott Baio, Davy Jones, Andrew Koenig and Jennifer Love Hewitt (who like Giovanni Ribisi, her name was shortened in the credits to Love Hewitt)....

I'm sure you all know that Greg Evigan, who plays the wild artist father, provides the velvety smooth voice you hear in the theme song....

Here's a question for everybody out there.... Who had the bigger career, Paul Reiser or Greg Evigan? Sure, Paul Reiser is the creator and star of 'Mad About You'.... But Greg Evigan was the star of 'B.J. and The Bear'....

So Paul Reiser is a more current success, but he's never had a monkey for a co-star....

Can You Guess This TV Theme? - #39

Happy Friday everybody! You know the rules.... There are no rules....

Well, ok, there's one rule:

1. Guess the television theme.

That's all you have to do! It's that easy! Can You Guess This TV Theme?' The answer will be posted at 3:00 P.M. (PST).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kristianne Baille - Christian Bale and Kristen Bell

It's so simple. It's so funny. I need this movie to be made! No plot needed.... I just need to see more clips of Christian Bale and Kristen Bell with this guy yelling Kristianne Baille! Kristianne Baille!

My wife does not find this as funny as I do.... Maybe it's because I'm running around the house yelling
Kristianne Baille! Kristianne Baille!

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