Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Combinations Since Peanut Butter And Jelly

The idea seems simple.... Take three awesome things, put them all together in one photograph.... A 'triawesomegraph' or examples of 'awetrigraphy'.... Ok, so my made up words won't end up in Webster's next edition of the dictionary, but I wouldn't mind having a book full of 'awetrigraphy' on my coffee table while I'm having my next lavish party.... You all will laugh at me, until Portia De Rossi or Christina Hendricks bumps into me and while trying to gather herself, she casually glances down and notices my coffee table fare.... I am now the most interesting guy at the party.... Of course, I'll have to turn down their advances because I'm happily married, but I'm sure you'll find love elsewhere Mrs. De Rossi and Ms. Hendricks....

Where was I? Oh, yes, sorry.... I've found two amazing pages that have been able to display this craft.... May I present to you
'Selleck Waterfall Sandwich' and 'Nimoy Sunset Pie'....

Here are a few of my favorites from their collections.... By the way, what would be in your 'awetrigraph'?

Featured Sandwich: Italian

Featured Sandwich: Meatloaf

Even Their Logo Is Awesome!

Featured Pie: Key Lime

Featured Pie: Apple

Featured Pie: Blueberry


  1. Those pictures are so cool!! I especially love the first two! So creative!:D

  2. You do know Portia's married to Ellen, right? :) And I take it you are a fan of Mad Men. ME TOO! I like Meatloaf the best. Where's Elvis with a Fried PB and Banana sandwich???

  3. Okay, you got me. I'm a follower. This is the funniest post I have seen in a long time.

  4. Haha...those are awesome. Love it.

  5. LOL! Oh geez... these really got me laughing. Those are the most ridiculous things. Awesome.

  6. Gotta say blueberry pie Spock is rockin my world...
    live long and prosper

  7. Well I WAS a Star Trek Fan..lol...

  8. That is awesome! I know my husband would choose bacon for one of them.... Me? Mayo.

    I am a mayo junkie.

  9. Those are way better than any motivational poster.

  10. While Tom does make me hungry, Spock has the opposite effect. Oh well.
    My awetigraph might just replace Tom and the sandwich with Obama and a chocolate bar.
    I love waterfalls, so I'd keep that in there.

  11. That is the most ridiculous yet awesome post of my day!

  12. I am not really liking the Tom one's but I wouldn't mind getting the Spock one's printed out and put into frames for at work.

  13. pretty cool.

    Does Spock like blueberry pie?

  14. LOVE the pics. Esp. the Spock ones.


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