Friday, April 2, 2010

Foul Balls

Opening Day of the 2010 Major League Baseball Season will be here on Sunday. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I'm always interested when weird things happen or records are broken.... Two weird things happened recently....

Former World Champion Yankee and new member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Hideki Matsui hit a foul ball out of Tempe Diablo Stadium during a Spring Training game against the Kansas City Royals.

Of all the cars in the parking lot, the foul ball cracked the windshield on Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels owner Arte Moreno's custom Mercedes, which was parked beyond foul territory and behind the Angels clubhouse in the right-field corner.

Matsui was quick to earn Moreno's forgiveness by crushing a three-run homer to right-center field during the same at bat.

In another Spring Training game, Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins hit a hard line drive foul ball into the stands. Seconds later, he ran over to the fans as a crowd of officials and team representatives gathered around a fan injured by the foul ball. Of all the people in the stands, Denard Span's foul ball hit his mother directly in the chest....

Span's mother was treated and soon returned to a different seat in the stadium (presumably out of the reach of errant baseballs), and Denard returned to the game, but ultimately left in the third inning citing that he 'wasn't mentally into the game'.


  1. That's pretty crazy. I'm not big on baseball but I heard about an ambidextrous pitcher recently and I'm interested in seeing him play.

  2. I'm a baseball fan, though actually an Orioles fan, which can barely qualify as baseball anymore. I can't blame Denard for leaving the game. Those foul balls travel fast & I imagine he's worried about his mother.

  3. I saw both of those on the news. Crazy stuff!
    I live and breath baseball. played it, watch it, and go to several games a year, every year. Go Angels! I'm even thinking about getting a job as an usher at Angel stadium so I can see more. I have a few friends who are ushers and love it. so maybe!

  4. This is the first post I've ever read about baseball that I understood ;0)

  5. My husband is a crazy Yankees fan. We're going to the Tampa area next week to visit my dad and he's already got tix to a Yankee game out there. I am dreading the entire baseball season (my husband is a FANATIC) and counting down until November when it's all over.

  6. I had heard about Span hitting his own mother...too funny (is that ok to call that funny?)
    With two sons of my own I'm getting used to the one "who always gets hurt" matter where I'm sitting.

  7. oops! insert "being" between to and the..sorry.

  8. I heard that if a bird gets killed from a stray pitch or foul ball it's bad luck.

  9. Omg!! Talk about a serie of coincidences!! Especially the last one..!

  10. Oh my of all the people to hit in the stands , he hits his mother least she is ok which makes it ok to find it funny hehe.

  11. Oh man - what are the odds of those things happening! Here I live in MN and hadn't heard of that - too funny!!!

  12. Those are funny coincidences. Arte can afford a new windshield. He probably has 12 more cars anyway. The Span thing makes one wonder if he was carrying a grudge against his mom for some childhood mishap.

    I grew up a Dodger fan when they were in LA with Tommy Lasorda. Um, you weren't born yet were you? Don't answer that. :) I still have Steve Garvey's baseball card.

  13. Didn't here about the Matsui thing but the Span hit was awful. Happy early Mother's Day...ouch!!

  14. @TS Hendrik - Who is this ambidextrous pitcher you speak of? Did you ever see Jim Abbot, the one handed pitcher, play? It will seriously make you feel bad about your life.... lol I have two hands and no discernible talents and this guy has one hand and can play professional baseball and throw a no hitter....

    @nikki - The Orioles are in a 'rebuilding' phase. They always start slow.... They'll pick up the pace.

    @Pat Tillett - Go Angels!

    @Bossy Betty - Yeah, of all the things or people to hit.... lol

    @Eternally Distracted - :) Like I said in the post.... The only baseball info I can really get into are the crazy facts.... Like the only father-son teammate combo to hit a home run in the same game. lol

    @Ally - Uh oh, Tampa's undefeated so far.... The Yanks have a tough road ahead of them....

    @Kerri - I understand..... I've got two young ones of my own and I'm starting to earn my battle scars.... lol

    @Copyboy - Did you ever see the bird that exploded after it was hit by a pitch from Randy Johnson?

    @Sarah - Seriously! At least his mother is ok....

    @Nippy The Penguin - Yeah, and if it was my windshield that Hideki Matsui cracked, it wouldn't be so funny.... lol

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - I think he should have his mother sit behind the right field fence from now on.... If he hits her again, at least it would be a home run.... lol

    @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - Arte can afford many, many more windshields.... lol

    I was too born when Lasorda was manager of the Dodgers! He retired in 1996! And Steve Garvey had the best hair in all of baseball!

    @Geof - Happy early Mother's Day indeed!


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