Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Just Saved You From A Trip To Baker

Since my 'I Just Saved You From A Trip To Barstow' post was so popular, I figured I'd try it again....

Yesterday, I had to trek up to Las Vegas from Southern California for work.... Shortly after you pass the Zyzzx Road exit on the 15 freeway, you reach the small town of Baker, California.

The main attraction in Baker is the 'World's Tallest Thermometer'!

The thermometer is 134 feet tall and records temperatures up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit (a tribute to the record high temperature recorded in 1913).

As you can see, it was a sultry 84 degrees in the desert yesterday.....

I could have stopped at the infamous 'Mad Greek' restaurant, but I decided to take a chance and go to Bob's Big Boy. I have many memories of going to the Bob's Big Boy with my grandfather when he would pick me up after elementary school....

The 'Breakfast Buffet' is apparently a big draw at the Big Boy, but it was 2:00 pm when I entered the establishment and the buffet was still out. It looked like the buffet food hadn't been touched touched for a few hours, so it was easy to pass on the trays of hardened biscuits gravy and the scrambled eggs with an orange hue....

Seeing the Big Boy statue brought back so many memories of enjoying lunch with my Grandfather.... Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the food this time.... The food quickly took on a 'rigor mortis' form at the bottom of my tummy....

One last question for all my Canadian readers.... The Bob's Big Boy had a 'Canadian Cheese Soup'.... They were all out of the soup when I attempted to order, and the waitress had no idea what was in the soup.... Do you guys have any ideas of what could be in the 'Canadian Cheese Soup'?


  1. That's one tall thermometer; glad there's one attraction around there. I'm more intrigued in Bob's Big Boy. The only thing worth eating there is truly worth eating. It's their double chocolate hot fudge cake. (Did I mention I like chocolate?)

  2. People have said I resemble Mr. Bob. World's tallest thermometer huh? That's gonna have to be a mighty big rectum to except that kind of monstrosity.

  3. Bob's Big Boy was the place to go when I was a kid. Looks like they at least managed to keep the Bob statue looking good sorry to hear the food wasn't on par with the statue....

  4. Canadian cheese soup is essentially chicken broth and cheese with some celery, carrots and onions thrown in for good measure. Though I've also had it with just about whatever vegetables happened to be on hand.

    I know it seems stupid and over done, but I must visit this place and pose with the thermometer. I need a picture of me taking my temperature.

  5. 'Bob's Big Boy', 'world's tallest thermometer'-overcompensating much? ;D


  6. How can she not know what is in the soup? Or why couldn't she find out? They make it there! LOL

  7. Dude, Canadian cheese soup sounds awesome. I know this sounds weird but I've purchased frozen dinners that say PRODUCT OF CANADA and even they were kid. I think I want to live in Canada :(

    I once got deathly ill as a kid at Bob's on some wacky breakfast thing, haven't returned since age 13. :(


  8. Dude, road trip to Baker. I want Big Boy's.

  9. I only know of Bob's big boy from the Austin Powers movie.

    The canadian cheese soup has pieces of hockey pucks in it.

  10. I suppose someone's got to have the largest thermometer! That is really funny.

  11. There is a reason to stop in Baker whenever possible. That reason is the "Alien Fresh Jerky" store. It not only has the largest selection of jerky in the known world, it is also the best! You can actually get full on samples! Did I forget to mention that they also have a large collection of "alien life form" items there?

    Bob's Big Boy was ALWAYS about the sauce on their burgers and their blue cheese salad dressing.

  12. The Canadian soup you had most likely had celery, carrots, onions, garlic broccali. I've had many of these soups from Canada. Please visit my blog page which contains great Attractions in California!



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