Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pickle Pops

While perusing a post that pitted game show hosts Alan Thicke and Marc Summers against each other over at 'Just The Cheese' by Powdered Toast Man, I started thinking....

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the name Marc Summers.... Double Dare? Ok, the second thing.... That's right, Pickle Pops.... Wait.... You didn't think of Pickle Pops?

On an episode of the Food Network show 'Unwrapped', hosted by Marc Summers, appeared a short segment on the now infamous Bob's Pickle Pops.

Do you ever sneak a sip of the pickle juice after you've finished the last crispy dill? Or added the pickle juice to a recipe to give it a little extra kick? Well, Pickle Bob had an even simpler idea.... Frozen Pickle Pops. It started out as a small operation at the local skating rink, where Bob would freeze and sell the leftover pickle juice. After quickly and repeatedly selling as many pickle pops as he could make every weekend, Bob decided to take his idea to the next level.

Packaging the Pickle Pops in a traditional Otter Pop fashion, Bob has taken his spicy dill, regular dill and lemon dill flavored pops nationwide. The pops contain only pickle juice and are currently being marketed as a healthier alternatives to sugary desserts.... The pops are currently being marketed to schools and concession stands nationwide, and could soon be seen in a store near you!


  1. I like pickles in tuna, and that's it. Otherwise I can't stand them. That is one of the grossest ideas, ever.

    *sigh* I'll try it.

  2. I totally remember that episode!!!!

  3. This is insanity. I had to email it to my husband because why don't we ever think of these things?????!!!!!

    Mayo pops?
    Coffee pops?
    Beer pops???


  4. I've never heard of Pickle Pops but what a great concept! I've slurped down the pickle juice out of the pickle jar on more than one occasion but never thought of it as a dessert treat before. Awesome! Great post!

  5. Yay I was mentioned!!

    Where do the leftover skins go? that seems like a waste of pickles. It's a great idea but do they give the pickle makers part of the profit? Soooo many questions unanswered.

    Why is Marc squinting? He looks like Gilbert Godfried.

  6. Wow...I like the idea, but I'd never get to finish it before it melted...

  7. LOL at TS

    I love pickles... but... hmmmm... brutal -- did you SEE what he DID to those pickles???

    Now I find myself thinking about alternatives... what about... olive pops? Or a sure-to-be-classic olive/pickle swirl that I shall call The Oickle. Anyone?

  8. Siiiiiick! But I can see why kids would like them. :)

  9. I think my hubby may actually like this. He's a freak for pickles ha ha!

  10. GROSS!

    Oh, but Double Dare? I LOVE Double Dare. You have no idea how many times Laura and I tried to convince our parents that we should go on as a family. No dice.

  11. Would those be kosher pickle pops? I'll skip it either way.

  12. Really? *snort!* And,who's Marc Summers? I better go google it.

  13. OH! Him! The Nickelodeon slime guy!

  14. ew. This actually made me gag. ewwww.
    Oh and Marc Summers is the shit and he totally wins any contest he's in.


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