Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zubbles - The World's First Colored Bubbles

The best product ever has finally been released! After many delays, the world's first colored bubbles have been brought to the market! Zubbles, currently available in Presto Pink and Blazing Blue, can be purchased exclusively at the Zubbles website. They're more expensive than you're everyday run of the mill bubbles, but the novelty is totally worth the few extra dollars.

Now, I know what you're thinking.... They're going to be messy, they're going to ruin clothes, and what if my kids eat them?

Well, the bubbles don't stain and the residue disappears with friction, water or exposure to air.... And the Zubbles are completely non-toxic!!!!

Here are a couple videos showing how much fun you can have with (and the easy clean up of) Zubbles! The guy in the second video even puts the blue bubble liquid on his white shirt, and lets us know that the marks will dissapear (with no effort from him) after 15 minutes.


  1. Where the heck was this stuff when we were kids? that is so unfair!

  2. Mia would love that - off to check out Zubbles.com - just hope they have an outlet in the UK.

  3. Ho-ly crap that is awesome! *tries to think of excuse to break out bubbles at my next gathering*


  4. That's pretty cool. I want to make all colors of the rainbow now.

  5. I... that... blue... so... Mountain of Awesome! I must get this.

  6. Definitely kicks the ipad's butt.

  7. i. must. have. this.


  8. that is very cool. My favorite bubbles are the ones that are very hard to pop. We call them sticky bubbles and they are a requirement for every camping trip. When they pop on you they sort of leave a soap film. So when it is time to clean up as best as you can at a primitive camp site you peel off the bubble remains and you have clean spots.

  9. Totally awesome find dude.

    @ 1st video: I was amazed when they cleaned it up with no effort. WOW, just WOW

    @ 2nd video: That guy bored me to death and took all my excitement for the new bubbles away..lol

    Can you mix the blue and pink and come up with a 3rd color? I want them!!

    Don't forget to play The Movie Game!!

  10. Those are super cool!!! Must find some!


  11. Very freakin' awesome. I love them.

  12. @Pat Tillett - My dad was telling me that if he wanted bubbles back in the day, he'd have to do the dishes.... lol

    @Kitty Moore - They accept international orders!

    @Lifebeginsat30ty - Do you need an excuse to break out bubbles? Bubbles make a party a paaaaaaarty! lol

    @Ian - I can't wait until they have more colors....

    @Jerry - New colors are being created as we speak! They only have blue and pink now....

    @TS Hendrick - And they don't leave a mess! They're the perfect toy!

    @Copyboy - Dude, the ipad has nothing on zubbles!

    @Lady Hill - Check it out! You can get them here! http://www.zubbles.com/order/index.asp

    @Bossy Betty - They're so much better than non-colored bubbles!

    @Melissa Mashburn - How fun! Are you talking about a certain brand of bubble?

    @Ally - The easy clean up is my favorite part.... Bubbles are usually sooooo messy!

    @Powdered Toast Man - I'm with you..... The second guy was pretty boring.... But he was packed full of Zubbles info!

    Mixing the bubble colors is a good idea.... I imagine that you'd get a purple zubble....

    @The Frog Queen - They're only sold on the website for now.... You can get them here.... http://www.zubbles.com/order/index.asp

    @Pam - I know! They're great, right?

  13. Um. WANT!

    I just bought some regular bubbles the other day (yes, for myself), but now I want zubbles instead! :)

  14. @Mainland Streel - I know! Regular bubbles must seem so inadequate now that you've seen Zubbles! lol


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