Monday, May 24, 2010

Are You Still As LOST As I Am?

Wait.... What?

I'm going to need somebody smarter than myself to explain the ending of LOST.... I enjoyed the entire episode.... I enjoyed the ending.... Were they in purgatory? Was the island purgatory? Were the side flashes purgatory?

Where were Michael and Walt?

Please enjoy the shirtless men of LOST and Eyeballs of LOST as you explain the ending....


  1. I stopped watching after the first season. . . so I'm no help to you.

  2. I never did get hooked on this series. I know, eh?!

    I did, however, read this blog which explained the ending. (Still not sure why I read it...but I'm kind of a goofball that way).

  3. I never watched beyond the second season. I meant to go back and catch up with the DVDs but it never happened.

  4. I stopped watching about halfway through the first episode... I may try again at my leisure.

  5. I only watched the first episode...

  6. I loved the entire series and didn't miss a single one. I wanted Mr. Echo to come back, but alas it was not meant to be.

    I stopped asking menial questions about the plot long ago. I am hoping they just release a book answering all my questions.

    Where are the videos of Kate shirtless?

  7. I never watched Lost, but I have my own Jack and kate. :)

  8. I got stuck on Celebrity Apprentice instead!

  9. The final comes out in Australia tonight i believe so you might get some help from some Aussies. I was very popular for a few seasons but then ended up on one of the stations second channels....
    Good luck with finding out as i think you might be one of few who watched every episode LOL

  10. I never got into lost. It just seemed like it was going to be a horrible ending to a possibly good show and I think after reading some of what people have said about it, I was right.

  11. I was LOST after the first few episodes and quit watching. Sorry dude.

  12. It wasn't a horrible ending, actually. I felt unfulfilled right after the ending, but the more I've thought about it, the happier I am with it. At first, I was looking for the concrete answers, this is what this was, this is what that was. But now I'm glad they left it sort of ambiguous, and I get to interpret it however I want to. I read something that said it was basically an inkblot test. Here's this splotch of ink, now tell me what you see.

  13. I didn't follow it, but why does it seem like many big hit series' have weird finales (e.g., Seinfeld, the Sopranos..)?
    Oh, I posted a Choco-test. Don't miss this one!

  14. @Buffee - How were able to stop watching LOST? I was sucked into the show from the first episode....

    @Marlene - That article did help quite a bit!

    @TS Hendrik - You missed out! Go rent LOST now! It will be just as good!

    @Pat Tillett - If you go back to watch LOST, let yourself get immersed in it.... It's gonna blow your mind....

    @Kristy - You love the weird and supernatural! You would love LOST!

    @Cheeseboy - Yeah.... How come Eko could stare down the smoke monster one time, but then get eaten by the smoke monster later in the series....

    Kate has asked me not to release her shirtless videos.... I must respect her wishes....

    @liz - It's hard to watch it with little ones running around.... But it was a super complex show that grabs you and sucks you in....

    @blueviolet - The apprentice finale was good too! Bret Michaels is unstoppable!

    @Dean - Did you see it? What did you think?

    @Jerry - You have to go watch LOST! The more I let the ending simmer, the more I like it!

    @margg. - You're missing out! LOST was one of the best shows ever! I'm thinking about rewatching the whole series to see if can catch anything I may have missed....

    @adrienzgirl - You should get back into it! It was so good! I'm surprised to see that so many people did not watch LOST....

    @Colleen - You're right.... The more I think about it, the more I like it....

    @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - They have to make the finales artistic.... Make you think....


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