Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dissecting The Career Of Jackie Earle Haley - The New Freddy Krueger

Jackie Earle Haley starred in the #1 movie at the box office last weekend (A Nightmare On Elm Street).... Let's take a look at his career.... You'll happily remember him in his breakout role....

2010 - Jackie Earle Haley replaces Robert Englund as the star of the 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (Freddy Krueger) franchise.

2009 - Jackie Earle Haley stars as Rorschach in the comic book superhero movie 'Watchmen'.

2008 - Jackie Earle Haley wins 'a giant check that says $10,000' by making a free throw from the other side of the court in Semi Pro.

2006 - Jackie Earle Haley earns an Academy Award Nomination for his portrayal of sex offender Ronnie in 'Little Children'....

1983 - Jackie Earle Haley stars with Tom Cruise as a wild and crazy young man in 'Losin' It'.

And finally, Jackie Earle Haley's breakout role.....

1977 - Jackie Earle Haley stars as Kelly Leak, the cigarette smoking, motorcycle riding and baseball star bad boy, in 'The Bad News Bears'!


  1. Freddy makes ME break out--in hives!

  2. Freddy was one of the Bad News Bears?! Somehow that is fantastic information that makes my day. (Times are hard. What can I say?) Thanks ABAO!

  3. He's an odd little creature, isn't he?

  4. I had no freaking idea that was all the same guy. I totally "think it's interesting!"

  5. He's a man of many faces. All scary. YIKES

  6. Bad news Bears to Freddy? It all makes perfect sense now.

  7. I didn't recognize him until that last bit. I remember his face!

  8. I totally remmeberd him from Bad News Bears and Losin' It. Both superlative films!!!!
    Still. There is only one Freddy for me.
    Robert Englund. Period.

  9. i've seen him in a few things, now that you mention it.
    but if anyone was to ask me who he was, i wouldn't have a clue.

    in relation to your other question.
    i do have a boyfriend that i am happy with.
    and he is my best friend.
    but i miss having a female, to do girl things with.
    if i lost him, it'd be 10000x worse, because i'd be loosing my bestfriend and my boyfriend.

  10. Was he in Breaking Away, too? He has a very distinctive look.

  11. Wow, now thats versatile. I liked Rorschach.

  12. I knew that, but I hadn't seen it laid out so nicely. Very cool post.

  13. what was he doing between '83 and '06?

    Semi-pro was a terrible movie.

  14. I'm such a huge fan of Haley! He was an AMAZING Kruger, a perfect fit for the role!

    He was amazing in Little Children as well, hilarious in Losin' It (which I only saw for the first time 3 months ago), and I LOVED his small role in Shutter Island.

  15. PS- also hilarious in Semi-Pro... probably the only funny thing in that movie...

  16. @Bossy Betty - Me too.... It's unfortunate that every review that I've seen has been bad.... I think I'm still going to check it out, just to see how Jackie Earle Haley compares to Robert Englund.

    @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - I said that exact same thing..... Lol.... For some strange reason, I was very excited when I made the connection....

    @Kristy - Did you see him in Little Children? Very creepy....

    @Pat Tillett - Thanks Pat! I think this might be able to be more than a one time thing.... I'm going to try and find more of these connections....

    @Momma Fargo - His Bad News Bears character wasn't too scary.... lol

    @Cheeseboy - Both characters haunt you in your dreams....

    @blueviolet - Now you're going to recognize him every time you see his face!

    @Lisa Marie - You'd be surprised how many people I've talked to that have never heard of 'Losin' It'.

    @Margg. - Now you'll never forget him.... lol

    @Chelsea - I've only seen the first episode of Human Target.... I'm going to get the DVD and watch the whole first season in two days.... That's how I do it....

    @Tracie - He looks a little like Bryan Cranston's character in Breaking Bad.... But he's not in the show....

    @Jerry - He was great as Rorschach! Watchmen was a great movie....

    @TS Hendrik - Thanks TS!

    @Powdered Toast Man - He did a couple of guest spots on TV episodes.... Including 'Murder, She Wrote'! I didn't think Semi-Pro was so bad....

    @Angie - You're the first person I've heard say that Haley was a good Krueger....

  17. I will sway from the Freddy comparisons because I don't want my dislike of the remake to reflect on Haley, who I am a fan of. Haley is the only thing I liked in the Watchmen Rorsach ftw) and Semi Pro. Nice timeline here.

  18. Don't forget his part as Guerrero in Human Target, a TV Serie based on a comic.


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