Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To Balki Bartokomous!

'Well, feed me garlic and call me stinky!'

The man we all know and loved, until he got really creepy and made us feel awkward on 'The Surreal Life', Bronson Pinchot turns 51 years old today....

Thank you for Balki Bartokomous.... He will forever be in our hearts as the lovable nonsensical cousin who is fresh off the boat from Mypos.

May you stand tall and rise and fall on the wings of your dreams.... Nothing's gonna stop you know....

It's time for the 'Dance of Joy'!

By the way.... Have you ever seen the video of the 'Perfect Strangers' intro using Seattle, Washington as the backdrop?


  1. To me he will always be Serge from "Beverly Hills Cop." He was brilliant in that role. One of the alltime best bits...

  2. Balki rocks.

    I love the Seattle comparison it was so much fun!

  3. Yeah for Balki!
    I also thought he was great as the psycho in the so abominably bad it was good, Langoliers.

  4. TS - that's what I was gonna say! I love the Langoliers! But he is forever Balki in my heart :)

  5. Oh, I LOVED Balki in Perfect Strangers!!! Such a fun show.

    I didn't like him so much in "The Langoliers". Creepy.

  6. i love that you love perfect strangers :) so funny. balki rocks.

  7. Perfect Strangers was the best. Balki is fun to watch. I liked the Seattle Intro very much. Great post!:)

  8. I love Perfect Strangers!and Balki!
    Thanks for sharing!
    B :)

  9. I used to love that show! I can still sing the theme song to it. I had never seen the last video. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I have to say I liked the show but wasn't a huge fan of it. One of my favorite movies with Balki was Second Sight with John Larroquette.

  11. Definitely one of my favorite shows from the past!! I love Balki and Larry Appleton (said like Balki LOL). Thanks for sharing the videos...I really miss this show.

    New follower now....had to come check out your blog. Seen you around, and your blog name intrigued me. :)

  12. @Pat Tillett – I loved Serge!

    @The Invisible Seductress – He was way better than Cousin Larry!

    @Lady Hill – I loved it too! I want to see it done in more cities now!

    @TS Hendrik - I've actually never seen the Langoliers..... Another one to add to my list!

    @Angie - He will always be Balki!!!!

    @Marlene – He was creepy in the Langoliers? I have to see it now!

    @Ally - Perfect Stranger was one of my favorite shows! I just watched the entire first season again about a month ago!

    @Mr. Stupid - Thanks Mr. Stupid! The TGIF line up was a staple in my household!

    @Betty Manousos - Balki was one of my favorite characters of all time! lol

    @Sonora - Standing tall! On the wings of our dreams! Sing it with me! Did you know that Louie Anderson was originally cast as Cousin Larry?

    @Jerry - We'll have a Perfect Strangers marathon at my house soon!

    @Tree - Hi Tree! Catching up on comments here.... lol Welcome! I hope you're enjoying the blog! Which blog name intrigued you? ASBLACKASOBAMA? Or 'I Think It's Interesting?

    Did you know that Louie Anderson was originally cast as Cousin Larry?


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