Thursday, May 13, 2010

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is A Hard Name To Spell - Even For Hollywood

Imagine that you're Julia Louis-Dreyfus.... You've enjoyed quite the career as a star on mega-blockbuster shows like 'Seinfeld' and 'New Adventures of Old Christine'.... And now you finally know that you've made it.... The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce has selected you to receive a star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame.... Can you believe it? You're the first of the 'Seinfeld' foursome to receive a star! Even Jerry Seinfeld doesn't have one!

Friends and family, including the likes of Larry David, Jason Alexander and Albert Brooks have all come out to commemorate the fact that your name will be immortalized with thousands of others as a part of entertainment history. They pick up the piece of wood covering your star, and this is what you see....

A big smudge over your last name.... What's that? Oh.... They didn't spell your name right on the star.... Instead of 'Julia Louis-Dreyfus', they put 'Julia Luis Dreyfus' on the star! Now you've made it....

You can stop imagining now.... Truth be told, 'New Adventures of Old Christine' is a very funny show, and Julia was a very good sport about the whole thing.... She even asked the Chamber of Commerce to keep the misspelled star in the ground.... Unfortunately her requests were denied, but they are going to give her the chunk of star with 'Luis' as a souvenir....


  1. Dude, if I was a celeb, I would totally change my name to something easy to spell and say. WTH man. I mean really!

  2. On the flip side, she gets more press from having her name misspelled than she would have if all went well. Hmmm...

  3. I love her! So much class. I am also a Seinfeld Junkie!

  4. You know she's worth like 2 billion dollars. Her dad is a financial billionaire!

  5. They did that same crap with my star!

  6. I'm guessing it's all fixed up by now! They seem to make those pretty quickly!! I'm glad she was such a good sport!

  7. Poor girl! At least they made her a new one! But seriously, they should check the spelling before lol :P

  8. oh my god i saw her talking about this on the ellen degeneres show the other day! too funny.

  9. She has always been a cool chick in my book. This cements it.

  10. Was it Kramer or Newman who spelled it wrong in the first place? They were just jealous.

  11. hahahahaha.

    poor lady.

    she's always been amazing.

  12. Gutted!

  13. @Ally - I think Ally is pretty easy to spell..... lol

    @Liz - Her PR has gone through the roof since this happened!

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - I love her too! Have you seen 'The New Adventures of Old Christine'?

    @Copyboy - Damn it! And I had to turn down her marriage proposal!

    @Pat Tillett - I heard about that.... I thought it was weird seeing the Patricia Tillett star....

    @Blueviolet - It was fixed right before the ceremony.... That's what the smudge was.... I think they replaced the entire star after the ceremony....

    @Sarah - Apparently she loved it! She didn't want them to change it.... She said she thought the mistake was hysterically funny!

    @Samanthuh - I've got to find the Ellen clip! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is always funny.... Pair her with Ellen and how much better can it get?

    @Cheeseboy - I've never met her.... But I wouldn't mind spending time with her....

    @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - Newman. Said in the suspicious Jerry Seinfeld way....

    @margg. - She's good in everything she's done!

    @Gemma - I'm not sure what you mean by Gutted.... lol

  14. Asstards. How could they get her freakin name wrong.


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