Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Name That Tune

YouTube user OneManSho has put together an amazing set of videos..... He sings songs backwards while performing random acts, then plays the video in reverse to reveal the song he was singing.... Can you figure out the songs he's singing before he reveals the answer?


  1. My next door neighbor is a magician by trade. I will have to show him these. Very cool.

  2. That's too clever. I got a few immediately before the clues, but I was stumped on a couple. Very awesome.

  3. Those are so cool. The things people come up with (and I don't...)

  4. Dang it no sound on this computer... :(

  5. Who thinks of doing stuff like this? I can hardly learn the real words to songs let alone learn them backwards!

  6. Cool! My gosh, really! :oD

    there's a surprise for you at my blog... btw.

  7. that guy is amazing. I was able to get 'take me out to the ball game' b4 he started singing but I couldn't figure out the rest.

    Great find as usual.

  8. @Cheeseboy - You are the luckiest man on Earth.... I wish my neighbor was a magician.... Every morning I'd walk out of my house for work, and he'd make a coin disappear from behind my ear.... Every day would be a good day....

    @TS Hendrik - He's got too much time on his hands.... lol He does impressions too....

    @Pat Tillett - I'd pay to see a Pat Tillett singing a song backwards video! lol

    @Bendigo - You're missing out Bendigo..... He's super talented and it's great to see the song title answers when they're revealed! You'll be shocked!

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - I get in so much trouble for singing the wrong words.... Remembering the words to a song is just not in my genes.... I'm not allowed to sing when my wife is in the car with me.... lol

    @Momma Fargo - Did you get any right?

    @Melissa@Suger Coat It - Thanks Melissa! Just picked it up!

    @Powdered Toast Man - I think that's the only one I got too.... The glove, bat, ball and Tigers stuff helped a bit though.... lol


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