Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh No! A-Ha And The Go-Go's Are About To Go Go!

The music industry is mourning.... After 30 years of making music, two of the best bands with hyphenated names, both a-ha (currently on their 'Ending On A High Note' tour) and The Go-Go's (currently on their 'Happily Ever After' tour), have announced that they are going to disband after one final tour on the road....


  1. A-ha remained quite popular in their homeland as well as throughout Europe. I always thought that video was so awesome, some really groundbreaking work there.

  2. A-ha...that video was one of the best ever made.

    G0-gos...I won't miss miss them

  3. No Way!!! That is sad. They have a good 30 years left. Didn't they see The Who at the Super Bowl?

  4. I must say, A -Ha is one of the most underrated bands in the history of bands.

  5. You know I'm your '80s girl -- these two bands were very special to me as a kid.

  6. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel - Devo is releasing a new album.

  7. I really didn't know they weren't together anymore anyhow. No skin off my back. ;)

  8. a-ha's win.
    takkeeeee on meeeeeee.

  9. who the feck are The Go-Go's?

    GO A-HA! Iconic video. I would be bricking it though if some hand came out of my comic book.

  10. @Lisa Marie - They were kind of a one hit wonder here.... I think 'Take On Me' was their only #1 hit in the US.

    @Kristy - No love for The Go-Go's or A-ha?

    @Momma Fargo - I know, I'm sad too....

    @Pat Tillett - You never rocked out to 'Vacation' by The Go-Go's?

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - The Who rocked it, but I think it was Peter Townsend of The Who that said he doesn't understand why people still buy their albums since they're not the original 'The Who'.

    @Cheeseboy - Nobody in the US could see past 'Take On Me'....

    @Ally - Me too! The 'Take On Me' video was a staple in my house....

    @TS Hendrik - Thanks! I went through fourteen different titles.... And I wasn't even really happy with the final result! lol

    @JLG - I can't wait for the Devo album! Mark Allen Mothersbaugh from 'Devo' is currently on 'Yo Gabba Gabba'!

    @blueviolet - You should pull out some of their old albums.... lol They knew how to rock!

    @margg. - One of the best songs and videos ever!

    @Gemma - The Go-Go's Vacation song is used in the National Lampoon Vacation movies.... They're an 80's all girl rock band....

    But then you would turn into a comic yourself, and it would all be good.... lol

  11. Ok I'm not being an ass here, I'm serious when I say I already thought they disbanded.


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