Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK GO - Kings Of The One Take Video

Last week I posted about an awesome one take music video for Diane Birch's 'Valentino'.....

Now, I'm sure you've all heard of OK GO. They're the kings of the one take video.... They were big before, but they skyrocketed to fame after they filmed their one take music video for 'A Million Ways' in their backyard.... Apparently, that video can't be embedded, but you can see it here.....

After the wild success of the 'A Million Ways' video, OK GO released their second one take video for 'Here It Goes Again'.... You know the video, four guys with four treadmills in a basement.... Seamlessly hopping from treadmill to treadmill....

For OK GO's newest one take experiment, the band created two one take videos for the new single 'This Too Shall Pass'....

The first video features the band member marching around in a wooded area, while a marching band in camouflage pop out of nowhere with their instruments to accompany the band.... The marching band video can't be embedded either, but you can see it here....

In their second video for 'This Too Shall Pass', and possibly their most impressive video, OK GO created a Rube Goldberg Machine that works continuously for around four minutes!

Their latest stunt wasn't a one take music video, but definitely worth checking out.... At the Maker's Fair in New York City, OK GO played a set while underwater.... Well, the band members had buckets of water on their heads and the lead singer was completely submerged in a water suit / goldfish aquarium....

Side note: You can skip the first 11 minutes of this video.... The first 11 minutes is all about the guys getting into their water outfits, the play their first song (I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe) at around the 11 minute mark, and their second song (This Too Shall Pass) at around the 17:15 mark of the video....


  1. I love their videos. I could watch them on repeat for hours and not get bored.

    I thought of you today. I got a cool link in a work email and I sent it on to a friend with the title "I think it's interesting"

    hope you're having a fabulous day!


  2. I love OK Go. Great music and very clever videos. I hadn't seen the last one though, that's pretty cool.

  3. that brings creativity to a whole new level. although i didn't like how he looks to be covered in blood at the beginning of the second video!

  4. Cool, I had not seen that last one. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Reminds me of a slightly more complex Peter Wolf video!

  6. I totally remember that treadmill video. Clever and entertaining.

  7. I really like videos using Rube Goldberg Machines.

  8. OK GO is pretty good and their videos are even cooler. When they did Here We Go live to prove that the video was really one take, was a huge F.U. to the haters and naysayers.

  9. @Lady Hill - They created their own record label! What was the subject of the e-mail?

    @TS Hendrik - Yeah, not to many people can sing underwater.... lol

    @liz - That's not blood! lol It's paint.... They get shot with paint at the end of the video....

    @The Frog Queen - Thanks Frog Queen!

    @Copyboy - I've seen Peter and the Wolf, and it's nothing like it.... Just kidding.... I love Peter Wolf's 'Come As You Are video.... He's just jumping through the whole video!

    @Marlene - They did that live on the MTV music awards.... The whole treadmill routine....

    @Momma Fargo - Thanks Momma Fargo!

    @Kristy - They're super creative! I can't wait to see their next video!

    @Jerry - I don't know why there aren't more....

    @Geof - So many people doubted that they weren't doing the videos in one take.... They totally proved them wrong....


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