Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Had Me At Potato

Dear Google:

I am a big fan.... I already use a lot of your products.... I love your e-mail and I can't wait to get a cell phone with your Android operating system.... And your Google Earth program is crazy awesome....

But now, it's like you're looking straight into my soul.... How did you know that all it would take for me switch to your Google Chrome web browser, is a commercial displaying the speed of your Google Chrome compared to a potato, sound waves and lightning? The ball is now in Firefox's court, and they must attempt to win back my love....



p.s. You had me at potato.


  1. Well done, Google. Well stated, ABAO. Firefox has no chance at all, less they used hashed browns. But that's too messy.

  2. Now I am going to have to give it a try. Rawkn is too funny.

  3. Haha, I love the love letter. And I use chrome. It's so light and quick, I'm willing to overlook how evil Google is in its attempt at world domination.

  4. My daughter uses Chrome and keeps trying to get me to give up firefox. I would try it out, but all my bookmarks are in firefox and I am too lazy to switch everything over.

  5. You're going to freak when I admit I still use IE. Yikes! I've been told to use Firefox, and I guess I need to upgrade sometime...

  6. Well done google! Well done.
    It took me FOREVER to switch to firefox and I'll be damned if I'm moving over again. I'm entirely too lazy. Maybe once I hit the "lady" stage of my journey I'll give it a go.
    I have already taken the step of downloading it and setting my homepage...that counts for something right?

  7. They should be ASHAMED - Wasting a totally damn fine potato in such a fashion.

  8. I had Google Chrome for a while too. When I got a virus, they took it off so I just never put it back on. I couldn't really tell the difference between that and Firefox. Could you?

    I re-followed you. It shows to me that I'm a public follower, but I can't see it on your box of photos yet. I'm hoping it shows up as a delayed reaction or something or Blogger is really being mean today!

  9. My son and i were just talking about Google Chrome today. He's all about Firefox but might try out GC. (He's 10, btw.)

  10. Curiously had *me* at potato.
    But when I went to click on the follow link provided by none other than Google..."the link appeared to be broke"... and *that* is what they call irony.

  11. Didn't watch the flick before responding, my dad once made a double barrel potato gun. I have no idea why I feel compelled to share that here.

  12. Man, I'm such a FireFoxer ... What am I gonna do now?

  13. Love this.

    Thanks for stopping by CoachYourMind... hope you come by again.

    I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog... looks great!


  14. I have to say I love my gmail. I am not a Android user but I think its a great phone system. Google Earth is just too much fun to play with. But I don't know if I can pull myself from Firefox to use Chrome but that commercial does make it look flipping cool.

  15. @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - Thanks Robyn.... I'll let you know if firefox makes a move....

    @Cheeseboy - What convinced you.... Was it the potato?

    @Lisa Marie - I'm not noticing too much difference so far.... But I like it too....

    @TS Hendrik - Google has already taken over the world.... They just let us live here....

    @Melissa Mashburn - Ooooh.... It's like having the Montague's and Capulet's in the room when you guys are on the internet at the same time...

    @Liz - Oh no! Internet explorer! You're so Two Thousand and Late! lol

    @Lady Hill - I know.... It's very scary to change browsers.... Firefox is good too, but is it faster than a potato? lol

    @Heff - The potato had it coming.... It kept staring at them.... See, because it had eyes.... I accept your scorn for that joke....

    @Blueviolet - Yeah, it's pretty much the same.... A virus would make me switch back too.... I have both browsers on the computer now, and I'm switching back and forth between the two....

    @Tracie - I don't think I knew what the internet was when I was 10.... lol My how times have changed....

    @Cotton Blossom - I thought irony was rain on your wedding day.... Or getting free advice when you've already paid.... A no smoking sign on your cigarette break? Don't you think?

    I bet nobody pissed off your dad.....

    @Ally - Firefox had my heart for such a long time.... I still love Firefox, but they've never proved that they're faster than lightning....

    @Dayne Gingrich - Thanks Dayne! You've got quite the blog yourself! I came accross your site through Bendigo.... He speaks quite highly of you!

    @Jerry - It's hard to change.... I know.... I'm not bashing Firefox, I'm just basking in the glow of Google's sun.....

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - The commercial is the only thing that sold me.... It's pretty much the same as Firefox.... Firefox just needs better commercials!


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