Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is No New News Good News?

This was posted a few days ago by Cal from 'Cal's Canadian Cave Of Coolness', and recommended to me a few days ago by Cotton Blossom from 'Wit Behind The Ears'.... You should check them both out.... They're both fantastic bloggers!

It fascinates me that no one has noticed this before.... It's almost as good as the 'Mall Name Change In 'Back To The Future''. The same newspaper prop (presumably a new newspaper with the same stories) used over and over and over again.... Doesn't Ed O'Neill get tired of reading the same stories all the time? Is no new news good news?


  1. that is just freaky. i guess times are tight in the prop department.

  2. That's funny. I wonder if they are approved photos to use so they just keep using them so they don't have to pay for more "stories".

  3. Wow. That paper time travels. I never in a million years would have noticed that if it hadn't been pointed out to me. I'm putting a link to this entry on my facebook and twitter so other people can see it too lol

  4. they should put that newspaper lady on imdb. she has starred in an awful lot of tv shows.


  5. How funny is that?! I'm surprised my hubby hasn't pointed this one out to me yet. He usually picks up on these little wonders of life.

  6. that's odd in more ways than one! I would NEVER have caught that.

  7. First of all...a huge thanks for the compliment, I consider that high praise coming from you. I didn't realize that Cal had posted about the paper, but when I saw the article, I immediately thought of you, then laughed when I noticed that they had tagged the article under "Stuff That's Interesting". You and interesting just go together!

  8. i'm a believer, but craig thinks someone photo shopped it in. Hmmm...

  9. Wicked awesome. I love that kind of stuff.

  10. That's just crazy! And amazingly awesome...

  11. i hope they're all reading the comics.

  12. Wow, niceeeee.

    I will said that as someone who works at a paper, that might be a generic template. At two of the shops I've worked at, when you load a new document, it automatically loads up a new issue with a bunch of the headers and jumps filled in, so that you use the right fonts and what not. It wouldn't surprise me if the same prop company was behind all those papers.

  13. This was my favorite show (I'm embarrassed to say). Of course, I never noticed it. Then again, perhaps Al can't read and he never noticed it either.

  14. WOW, you're observant!

  15. Wow. First it is so cool that it was noticed. Second, I bet it is way cheaper to buy in bulk.

    Third, I am kind of upset I didn't catch in to that... I am a good noticed usually!

  16. That is so awesome. I feel like I need to do an arts and crafts project where I recreate that newspaper.

  17. fascinating. I am going to have look for that newspaper in the movies and tv shows I watch.

  18. @Copyboy - A newspaper prop recession for the past 30 years....

    @Jerry - Apparently production companies paid for a lot of them.....

    @Lady Hill - Wow! Two shout outs in two days!?!?! I'm honored!

    @Gemma - I wonder what her name is.... Maybe she has a page.... lol

    @Marlene - Now you have one up on him!

    @blueviolet - It's awesome, right?

    @baygirl32 - I never catch those things either!

    @Cotton Blossom - Thanks so much! I give you guys complete credit for finding this! You guys are awesome!

    @liz - It's 100% real! It's everywhere!

    @TS Hendrik - Super awesome!

    @Pat Tillett - I love mind bending minutiae....

    @margg. - It's all Family Circus and Garfield on the inside of the paper.

    @Steve G. - Interesting! What do you do at the paper?

    @RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild - Wait? Married With Children was your favorite show? It doesn't strike me as a Robyn show.... Other than bon bons, they never mentioned chocolate.

    @Eternally Distracted - I give all credit to Cal and Cotton Blossom.... lol

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - I bet they bought a ton of these.... What other stuff have you noticed?

    @Amber - I see a new newspaper post in your future!

    @Melissa Mashburn - Let me know what you find! I'll be looking for it too!


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