Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pogo In The Gardyn

I posted the 'Hook', 'Up' and 'Terminator 2' remixes from from Fagottron and POGO here at 'I Think It's Interesting' here before.... (Hint: Click the names of the previous remixes to see those posts....)

Typically, he uses video clips and sounds from movies, and adds some synthesizers, drums and bass to make his remix videos. This time, with his 'Gardyn' mother's day remix, he uses sounds from his mother's garden and harmonic recordings of his mother's voice....

This man is ridiculously talented, and I highly recommend you check out all his videos!


  1. OMG! Thank you! That was marvelous! Amazing!

  2. That's awesome. I think I might have seen one of this guy's videos before. Really cool stuff.

  3. That was amazing!
    A talented guy for sure

  4. wow, that's pretty damn cool! i like his name :)

  5. how do you FIND these videos?!?! I'm in awe of yoru skillz.

  6. Ok, now that was awesome and his mom talking was so cool!

  7. Very cool! Makes you think about sound in a whole new way....

  8. that striped green sleeve reminded me of Steve from Blue's Clues

  9. @Momma Fargo - He's so awesome! You'll love his other videos! The Hook one is my favorite! You can see more of his stuff here!

    @TS Hendrik - He got a lot of attention for his Alice In Wonderland video....

    @Pat Tillett - Super talented for sure!

    @Ally - Check it out! You'll love his Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory remix....

    @liz - He garnered a lot of attention when he made his Alice in Wonderland video a while back...

    @The Girl Next Door Grows Up - He's so awesome! You'll love his other videos too!

    @Copyboy - lol.... Well said....

    @Cheeseboy - He's super talented.... Creates something out of nothing....

    @Bossy Betty - It really does! Who would have thought that a day in the garden could create such art?

    @Powdered Toast Man - He did love that green striped shirt, didn't he?

    @Margg. - His tunes are magical!


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